We had had 2 very difficult weeks with Chloe. From nowhere she started having the most horrible tantrums. Never in my life have I seen something like that! She was like a child possessed screaming, crying, throwing herself on the floor …. this would last for almost an hour at a time!!!!!! What made the whole experience very upsetting is that there was nothing that me or my husband could do to help Chloe. Seeing your child, who is normally as good as an angel (and the naughtiest things she does is not to come straight away when you call her) change in to such a mess is very distressing.  I have spent hours researching what it is and what can trigger it and decided to share my knowledge. 


 β€œTantrum” is commonly used to describe milder outbursts, during which a child still retains some measure of control over his or her behaviour. Tantrums are part of normal developmental behaviour for children aged 1-3 and over. They are not “naughty” or used deliberately to wind you up.  

“Meltdown” This is opposed to a meltdown, during which a child loses control so completely that the behavior only stops when he wears himself out and/or the parent is able to calm him down.



Emotions and inability to deal with them are behind it. 

ANGER – If the child feels angry because : You don’t want to give them chocolate which they need, don’t want to buy them new toy which they have to have, don’t let them watch more tv. 

ANXIETY – is a big trigger; it causes kids to freak out, overriding the logic that would enable her to see that her anxiety is out of proportion to the situation. 

FRUSTRATION – very often due to limited language, or lacking the skills to complete tasks for example: getting stuck with a jumper half-way on, or a piece of puzzle that won’t fit.

INDEPENDENCE – they want to be independent and do things themselves : walking, choosing theirs clothes, eating etc. 


CHANGE TO THE ROUTINE – this can unsettle your child and make them feel unsafe. Any new routine, changes in the family like an arrival of a sibling. 

Or any of the reasons that Chloe has had them : 

Offer them a cup of milk.

Ask them if they want to get up. 

Ask if they want to eat something. 

Change them out of a dirty nappy. 

Ask if they are ok. 

Because I looked at her. 


At that would sometimes happen ….


To stop tantrums you need to help the child gain control over their emotions. Some of the most common issues that cause children to act out in negative ways are hunger, tiredness, frustration, boredom or over-stimulation.

Once you identify the real reason behind your child’s actions, you can often solve this at the first sign of negative behaviour, before your child dissolves into a full-blown tantrum.

DISTRACTION – one of the ways to stop the tantrum is to take attention away of what has triggered it. Show them something, ask them to help you etc. Get them to focus on something else.

IGNORE – if the tantrum has started then ignoring it is very often the best thing to do. Leave the room and the child very often stops the tantrum because there is no audience and they get no reaction.  

HUG – sometimes they just need to be cuddled and told that it’s all ok and that you are there for them. 

GIVE THEM SPACE – if it is a full blown tantrum or meltdown sometimes the only thing you can do is to leave them until they calm down. 

TALK TO YOUR CHILD – if there are some changes coming to their life talk about it and explain them to your child in advance. Kids understand much more than we as parents think they do. Ask them why have they behaved like that and tell them that next time if they feel like that they can do “something” else like talk to you, come for a hug etc. With time they will learn how to deal with it. 

  Most important of all is to remember that you are the grown up. It can be very hard and very frustrating for the parent. I went through every single emotion I can think of when Chloe was having those terrible tantrums : sad, worried, annoyed, frustrated, angry, tearfull, heartbroken ….. when it was getting to me I raised my voice at her, told her that I would take her toys away or once when I couldn’t handle it I even compared her to “good and nice Skylar” (something I promised myself I will never do). When the situation is getting to you just take a very deep breaths and remember you are the grown up who understands what is happening or leave the room until you are composed. 

 Our tantrums lasted just over 2 weeks and hopefully will never come back again. 

 What worked for us is: 

– Giving Chloe space. When the tantrum started I would take her to her room, explain that I will leave her and come back when she calms down. 

– Once calm I would give her lots of cuddles and ask why she has behaved like that. Most of the time she wouldn’t know, I would try and help her identify the feelings. 

– Explain to her that she cannot behave like that, that this is a very naughty behaviour and that there are consequences. Most of the time I would take away her dessert for a day or she wouldn’t have story time, wouldn’t be allowed to watch her favourite Peppa pig or go out to the playground. Also what didn’t work is taking toys away. She has lots of different toys so taking one didn’t make any difference, she would just play with something else. It has to be a real treat that you take away. 

– Tell her to stamp her feet when she gets angry and tell us when she feels it coming. She would tell us now that she is getting very sad. 

 Good luck to anyone who is going through it. Share any good ideas that you have on hot to deal with it. 


We all know about the huge benefits of breastfeeding your baby. I would like to highlight the selfish reasons why breastfeeding is great:

1. Big boobs !!! Ok so if you are already gifted by big boobs (lucky cow) then you might not be that pleased about it. But if you the owner of a small bust this gives you a chance to have a pair of nice boobs ! You can see if it suits you and if it will be worth investing in Implants in the future.

2. When baby wakes up at night to be fed you don’t need to get up, get out of bed and go and make a bottle , you just get your boob out πŸ˜‚

3. Reduces risk of you developing breast cancer !!!!!!!

4. You burn 500 calories a day by doing so !!!!! But if you want to use it as a weight loss tool then you need to make sure that you don’t consume more than your daily calorie allowance, you eat healthy …. and yes you will have to start exercising 😁 But an extra 500 calories are always welcomed ! Or you can just use it to eat extra cakes and not put on weight πŸ˜‚

5. Helps your uterus to contract back to its original size much quicker … that has to be a good thing ? 

6. Prevents you baby getting ill ! breast milk is packed with disease-fighting substances that protect your baby from illness. How is it selfish? If you want to get any sleep at all at night you don’t want your little precious baby to get a cold or anything else. Also it’s heartbreaking seeing your tiny love unwell! 

7. You save a fortune on formula, and you can spend this money on shoes πŸ‘ !!!

8. Because your boobs are bigger and they have to be easily accessible you have to buy lots of new clothes !!!! Which one of us doesn’t like to shop…especially with a big pair of boobs πŸ˜€

9. The most important one NO PERIOD!!! It gives you few extra months without blood !!!!!!

Oh and the saggy boobs ….

…. the damage has been done when you are pregnant as that’s when your skin has been stretched. 

So if you are unlucky to have those it’s not because you were breastfeeding. 

Bilingual babies ! When and how to introduce more than one language ?Β 

Bilingual babies …. 

I am polish mum living in UK with my English husband. It was very important to me to make sure that my baby girl speaks polish as well as she does english. I was researching a lot about the best way to bring up a child in bilingual family.

 There are two very different opinions when it comes to when and how to teach your child second language. 

 1. You shouldn’t introduce second language until your child is 3 years old. It believes that doing it any earlier confuses the child and delays their speech development. 

2. That you should introduce both (or more) languages from the very beginning.

 Me and my husband have chosen to listen to the second method. From the first day that Chloe was born I have spoken to her in Polish and my Husband in English. 

 I must say that I am glad that we decided to do this. At 16 months Chloe understands pretty much everything that you ask her to do … both in Polish and English. Chloe can say lots of words in both of the languages as well. We can clearly see that she says much more English words  around 20 compared to only 10 in polish; this is due to the fact that she is surrounded 70% of the time by english language (at the nursery, when she is being looked after by grandparents and when her dad talks to her). This doesn’t bother me at all… 

  I find it incredible that she can say so many words let alone being able to say it in two languages and being able to clearly understands English and Polish !!!! 

 We have had an amazing example of kids being bilingual at a very young age. Our friends have a 3 years old daughter who speaks 3 languages!!!! No they are not one of the pushy parents 😁 Mum is from Colubmia so she speaks Spanish, Dad is from  Holland and speaks dutch, they communicate between each other in English and obviously they live in England so theirs daughter goes to the nursery in here. It’s amazing how at only 3 years old she knows who to speak to in which language and can switch between them easily in a split second ! 

 Key is to make sure that you speak to your child in this same language at all the time (that’s why I speak to Chloe only in Polish and my husband in English). You need to talk, sing, play and reed in this language as each of those actions helps your child develop their speach in different ways. 

 If you have any experience or opinion please share ! 


Being a mum is the most wonderful, amazing, rewarding, tiring, something frustrating, incredible thing in the whole world !!!

 I was very lucy to have the most incredible woman as my Mum! She was so incredible and amazing that I know that I will never be able to match her …. But if my daughter one day thinks that I did half as good job as my mum did then I am going to be very happy ! 

 Happy Monthere day to all of you ! Remember that you are doing an amazing job of being a mum every day … even if things are not perfect and on some days the house is a tip, or you leave the house with greasy hair … You are still an amazing mum !!!! 


 It’s official, my maternity leave is coming to an end very soon NO NO NO NO!!!! 😭 I have 5 weeks left and then I have to go back to work. First 3 months I will work 4 days a week. After the first 3 months I will be back at work full time; that is 5 days a week, 40 hours a week, 2400 minutes away from my precious little girl every single week. This means that I won’t see her in the morning, I won’t get her dressed, I won’t give her her breakfast, I won’t be playing with her, cuddling her, kissing her until 5pm when I will be back home from work…. Just thinking about it makes me cry! How will I do it? How will I cope with it?  

 This week we start settling in sessions at the nursery which Chloe will attend 2 days a week. We also will start teaching grandparents how to look after Chloe and slowly start leaving Chloe with them. I know that I have to do it so Chloe gets used to being without me but isn’t it ridiculous ? Isn’t it ridiculous that I am expected to leave my baby when the only thing I want to do is to have her next to me all the time so I can enjoy every second that I have left of my maternity leave? 

 I am trying to make the most of the 5 weeks left …There seems to be way too many things that I should do while I am still off, and every day things that I have to do …  

 My mum had 4 kids and was working full time and she has done an amazing job bringing us up… Everyone keeps telling me that after a few days back at work I will be fine …. I know that this is life and you just get on with it and make the most of what you have … But right now I don’t know how I will do it…. This will be up there with one of the hardest things that I have had to do in life … 

WHAT HAS JUST HAPPENED ???!!! Google screaming baby.

I have not been on the internet googling baby problems for a long long time! I  thing the last time I did it was when Chloe was around 4 months old … Since then I have got very confident in playing my new part of yummy mummy; I have got to know Chloe very well, we have settled in to a nice and good routine (with a small teething hiccups every few weeks) so I started to feel very comfortable ….. Not anymore !!!

 It has started yesterday late afternoon, I had to move some furniture so I placed Chloe in her playpen. The second I did it and left the room (it took all of a second) she went crazy, I have never seen her cry like that, on a secon thought I think that the only time she went so crazy was when we gave her, her first bath. She was crying and while crying screaming on top of her voice; tears were everywhere and she was getting to upset that she was almost sick! 

 I tried to calm her while in the playpen with no succes, I took her out and after 20 minutes of cuddling she stopped crying. Then she would do exactly this same every time I tried to put her on the floor ! It took hours for her to go back to her happy self … 

 Today was fine until the second nap. I put her down for her nap and she started going crazy… Exact repeat of yesterday crying and screaming … 

What is going on?!!! 

 Is it because she still  has runny nose ? 

Is it because she is teething ?

Is it the seperation anxiety? 

What is going on? !!!




Frittatas are great for breakfast or as a snack. You can add anything in to it, this recipe is an adaptation of Annabel Karmel.


– 50g wholemeal self-raising flower

– 2 tbsp of milk

– 100g grated courgette

– 50g grated carrot

– 20g grated pepper

– 2 tbsp of sweetcorn

– 50g grated cheddar
Cooking method

Beat the egg then add your milk and flower, mix it together till nice and smooth. Β 

Add all of the remaining ingredients and combine together.

Fry the mixture until golden and serve !