WHAT HAS JUST HAPPENED ???!!! Google screaming baby.

I have not been on the internet googling baby problems for a long long time! I  thing the last time I did it was when Chloe was around 4 months old … Since then I have got very confident in playing my new part of yummy mummy; I have got to know Chloe very well, we have settled in to a nice and good routine (with a small teething hiccups every few weeks) so I started to feel very comfortable ….. Not anymore !!!

 It has started yesterday late afternoon, I had to move some furniture so I placed Chloe in her playpen. The second I did it and left the room (it took all of a second) she went crazy, I have never seen her cry like that, on a secon thought I think that the only time she went so crazy was when we gave her, her first bath. She was crying and while crying screaming on top of her voice; tears were everywhere and she was getting to upset that she was almost sick! 

 I tried to calm her while in the playpen with no succes, I took her out and after 20 minutes of cuddling she stopped crying. Then she would do exactly this same every time I tried to put her on the floor ! It took hours for her to go back to her happy self … 

 Today was fine until the second nap. I put her down for her nap and she started going crazy… Exact repeat of yesterday crying and screaming … 

What is going on?!!! 

 Is it because she still  has runny nose ? 

Is it because she is teething ?

Is it the seperation anxiety? 

What is going on? !!!

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