What is this blog all about ?All about being a first time mum.
Having a new born baby is the happiest time of your life.
Trying to be the best mum ever is very hard when you “don’t know what you are doing”. There are a lot of frustrations, confusions, opinions, questions and internet searching 🙂

I have already found that they don’t tell you how hard it is or how much your life changes! How hard it is to hide sleep depravation with make up, that you start talking about baby poo instead of about fashion, that you choose an outfit based on how quickly can you get your boobs out to feed your baby and not based on what you look good in, and many many more things!

This blog is aimed at Mums-to-be who want to know what it’s all really like, Mums with babies that want a kindred spirit, and anyone else that is just interested and may or may not want a laugh at this whole crazy adventure called “parenthood”!

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