WEEK 23 of our life as a family of 4 !

WEEK 23 is gone … yet another week has shot by and I don’t even know when?! or how?! It is really freaking me out how quickly time is going. It’s funny how with my first daughter I couldn’t wait for the next step, next development, needing to buy the next load of clothes ; with the second one it is totally opposite … I want her to grow slower, to stay little, to be my little baby for a little bit longer . So what have we accomplished this week? *s…t loads of washing… again !!! *failure at progressing with Skylar’s weaning. And this is not down to her not wanting to eat, she has an appetite of an elephant. We were meant to start two meals a day but somehow I didn’t manage to get vegetables steamed in time or had enough time to prep it. I just keep forgetting about it and remembering that poor Skylar is eating now as well just before we were siting down for a meal. So I kicked my arse and ordered new tableware for her, lots of cereals fruits vegetables and I WILL REMEMBER to cook for her from now on 😊*went back to exercising after a few weeks break. I am on the mission to get beach ready. *Got undisturbed 6 hours of sleep !!! 🎉Followed by being up every hour the following night😂

*Discovered that melamine is dangerous ??!! Am I the only ignorant mum out there? I didn’t have a clue about it! Also didn’t have a clue that you should not be putting it in to a microwave ??!! How can you design kids tableware which you can’t put in to microwave and which is dangerous ??!! I feel so stupid !!!

WHAT HAS JUST HAPPENED ???!!! Google screaming baby.

I have not been on the internet googling baby problems for a long long time! I  thing the last time I did it was when Chloe was around 4 months old … Since then I have got very confident in playing my new part of yummy mummy; I have got to know Chloe very well, we have settled in to a nice and good routine (with a small teething hiccups every few weeks) so I started to feel very comfortable ….. Not anymore !!!

 It has started yesterday late afternoon, I had to move some furniture so I placed Chloe in her playpen. The second I did it and left the room (it took all of a second) she went crazy, I have never seen her cry like that, on a secon thought I think that the only time she went so crazy was when we gave her, her first bath. She was crying and while crying screaming on top of her voice; tears were everywhere and she was getting to upset that she was almost sick! 

 I tried to calm her while in the playpen with no succes, I took her out and after 20 minutes of cuddling she stopped crying. Then she would do exactly this same every time I tried to put her on the floor ! It took hours for her to go back to her happy self … 

 Today was fine until the second nap. I put her down for her nap and she started going crazy… Exact repeat of yesterday crying and screaming … 

What is going on?!!! 

 Is it because she still  has runny nose ? 

Is it because she is teething ?

Is it the seperation anxiety? 

What is going on? !!!