WHAT HAS JUST HAPPENED ???!!! Google screaming baby.

I have not been on the internet googling baby problems for a long long time! I  thing the last time I did it was when Chloe was around 4 months old … Since then I have got very confident in playing my new part of yummy mummy; I have got to know Chloe very well, we have settled in to a nice and good routine (with a small teething hiccups every few weeks) so I started to feel very comfortable ….. Not anymore !!!

 It has started yesterday late afternoon, I had to move some furniture so I placed Chloe in her playpen. The second I did it and left the room (it took all of a second) she went crazy, I have never seen her cry like that, on a secon thought I think that the only time she went so crazy was when we gave her, her first bath. She was crying and while crying screaming on top of her voice; tears were everywhere and she was getting to upset that she was almost sick! 

 I tried to calm her while in the playpen with no succes, I took her out and after 20 minutes of cuddling she stopped crying. Then she would do exactly this same every time I tried to put her on the floor ! It took hours for her to go back to her happy self … 

 Today was fine until the second nap. I put her down for her nap and she started going crazy… Exact repeat of yesterday crying and screaming … 

What is going on?!!! 

 Is it because she still  has runny nose ? 

Is it because she is teething ?

Is it the seperation anxiety? 

What is going on? !!!


Chloe is extremely happy baby. She doesn’t cry very often… Mostly in the evening😄

It started few weeks ago, or maybe always was there but just wasn’t  that clearly visible, or we just can’t remember 🙂 After a bath, we would put Chloe in to her crib, giver her dummy and her comfort blanket. My husband would read Chloe a story and she would be asleep within 2-10 minutes (without any crying). Sounds like a dream yes?  But only for 30minutes to an hour, after that she would wake up screaming/crying. She would be in such a state that we would have to get the lights on and clap really loud to distract her. Nothing would work to calm her down, this could last from 15 min  to an hour (most od the time an hour). After which she would go back to sleep. Very recently this crying has moved to straight after the bath. As soon as We would start dressing her she would start crying so much, it’s almost as if she knew it’s time to go to sleep.

As parents all of us, all the time keep trying to find reasons behind everything. Me and my husband went through all of the reasons why Chloe is doing it. From the most ridiculous ones like: She doesn’t like this room, She doesn’t like her bed, She hates to sleep, She is hungry (after feeding  10 minutes beforehand) through the standard checklist: too hot, too cold, wet nappy, unsettled in new bed (we recently moved he to crib), scared of dark, has nightmares. Nothing seemed to give as an answer or a solution. 

Got to the point where we started dreading the evenings, it was heartbreaking seeing Chloe so upset. One of another evenings spend on the internet researching why is my baby crying I came across a theory about being overtired. Ok so Chloe didn’t look overtired (red eyes, cranky, crying) but this “specialist” said that if baby gets less than 3,5 hours of deep in the day it will affect him at bedtime. Until now Chloe would sleep only 30-45 minutes in the day. She would wake up happy and start playing, and I always thought that this meant that she has had enough. Apparently the reason why she was waking up is because her sleep cycle has finished and she didn’t know how to go back to sleep, not because she has had enough sleep. With nothing to loose and becoming quite desperate I decided to try this theory .  Chloe already has her set times for naps so now I just needed to make sure that she would sleep 1,5 hour twice in the day and 45min on her last nap. Luckily it turned out to be much easier than I thought. Chloe started sleeping 1,5 twice a day and then 45min in the evening pretty much straight away!!!! Yes she would wake up and be up for 2-15 minutes but with a bit of help. Help being giving her dummy, comfort blanket to her cheek and ssssshhhhhhh then leaving the room; sometimes I would have to repeat it few times but she would eventually fall asleep.  Guess what was the end result ???? The crying has stopped !!!!! It has stopped !!!!! Me and my husband have our evenings back, Chloe is so much happier in the evening and a bonus that I have so much more time now on the day for myself !!!!!!!!