I am used to disturbed sleep by now. Getting up every 2,3 or 4 hours to feed my little princess – it’s fine My body knows that nower days we are constantly tired 😊. What I’m also used to is being able to sleep untill 8am. For some reason 8am was always making me feel better about my lack of sleep, probably because I could think in my head oh it’s already 8, everyone are already at work and I am still in bed (not thinking about all of the night feeds I have done) .

Now Chloe decided to take that away from me as well as good night sleep !!!!!!!!!!! Now Chloe wants to get up at 6:30am and play!!! Play at 6:30am 😳😳😳 non of my arguments that it’s to early to play are working 🙂 If I am lucky I manage to slee through her talking till 7am …. Good news ? It will all pass …. Soon? Hopefully 😁


Chloe is extremely happy baby. She doesn’t cry very often… Mostly in the evening😄

It started few weeks ago, or maybe always was there but just wasn’t  that clearly visible, or we just can’t remember 🙂 After a bath, we would put Chloe in to her crib, giver her dummy and her comfort blanket. My husband would read Chloe a story and she would be asleep within 2-10 minutes (without any crying). Sounds like a dream yes?  But only for 30minutes to an hour, after that she would wake up screaming/crying. She would be in such a state that we would have to get the lights on and clap really loud to distract her. Nothing would work to calm her down, this could last from 15 min  to an hour (most od the time an hour). After which she would go back to sleep. Very recently this crying has moved to straight after the bath. As soon as We would start dressing her she would start crying so much, it’s almost as if she knew it’s time to go to sleep.

As parents all of us, all the time keep trying to find reasons behind everything. Me and my husband went through all of the reasons why Chloe is doing it. From the most ridiculous ones like: She doesn’t like this room, She doesn’t like her bed, She hates to sleep, She is hungry (after feeding  10 minutes beforehand) through the standard checklist: too hot, too cold, wet nappy, unsettled in new bed (we recently moved he to crib), scared of dark, has nightmares. Nothing seemed to give as an answer or a solution. 

Got to the point where we started dreading the evenings, it was heartbreaking seeing Chloe so upset. One of another evenings spend on the internet researching why is my baby crying I came across a theory about being overtired. Ok so Chloe didn’t look overtired (red eyes, cranky, crying) but this “specialist” said that if baby gets less than 3,5 hours of deep in the day it will affect him at bedtime. Until now Chloe would sleep only 30-45 minutes in the day. She would wake up happy and start playing, and I always thought that this meant that she has had enough. Apparently the reason why she was waking up is because her sleep cycle has finished and she didn’t know how to go back to sleep, not because she has had enough sleep. With nothing to loose and becoming quite desperate I decided to try this theory .  Chloe already has her set times for naps so now I just needed to make sure that she would sleep 1,5 hour twice in the day and 45min on her last nap. Luckily it turned out to be much easier than I thought. Chloe started sleeping 1,5 twice a day and then 45min in the evening pretty much straight away!!!! Yes she would wake up and be up for 2-15 minutes but with a bit of help. Help being giving her dummy, comfort blanket to her cheek and ssssshhhhhhh then leaving the room; sometimes I would have to repeat it few times but she would eventually fall asleep.  Guess what was the end result ???? The crying has stopped !!!!! It has stopped !!!!! Me and my husband have our evenings back, Chloe is so much happier in the evening and a bonus that I have so much more time now on the day for myself !!!!!!!!  


I always was very much against running your life around baby …. My opinion has changed slightly after the first 2 months of having my own baby 🙂
When Chloe was around 12 weeks I noticed that she would only fall asleep on my breast and have a nap whenever she wanted to. This meant not much time at all for anything else in the day, and evening filled with either Chloe crying or Chloe being on my chest 🙂 .
After another evening of Chloe crying whenever we put her in to her moses basket I hit the internet…. Big big big mistake…. you start reading about everything what you do wrong, what you don’t do and you should do, and it just makes you feel like shit !!!! Then you start reading about ways to get you in to this perfect routine and thats when your head starts spinning !!! There is around 100 different ways of getting a good routine !!!  Its crazy and my head is spinning just thinking about it.

From the very beginning I knew that I was against schedule feeding, there is a reason why doctors tell you to feed on demand. How do you explain to 3 days old baby that it needs to wait 25 minutes before getting milk as it’s not the feeding time yet ?????It may work for some parents but I didn’t want to try it.

I knew that I didn’t agree with putting a newborn baby on a daily routine as in my opinion they are way too small for it. First of all they need to get used to this new scary word, scary smells, sounds etc and to do so they need to be dotted on. I do believe that in the 
beginning they know best what they want and when they want it.  Not sleeping, not knowing what comes next it’s a part of having a newborn baby !

Me and my husband from the start have been letting Chloe do what she wanted: we feed her (or shall I say I feed her as my husband doesn’t have a milk coming out of his breast) when she was hungry, she was sleeping when she wanted, we been going out to the shops and cafes, walks etc when we felt like it.

 As Chloe was getting bigger and we have been told by all of the informations we found on the internet that we aren’t doing it right we thought its time to set the routines in place. Apparently the reason our baby cries is because I got her use to sleeping on my breasts, she doesn’t know how to comfort herself and she is also tired because she doesn’t have a daily routine. I asked myself what do I want to achieve and what will benefit my baby? 

For a week I stayed more at home and started observing Chloe. I started noticing when she is tired ( 10:00, 13:00 and 16:00) and thats when I started putting her in to her moses basket for a nap. I would give her a dummy and a comfort blanket, she would snuggle her face in to the comfort blanket and fall asleep. No, it wasn’t as easy and just doing that 🙂 it took us few days to get the routine going. On the beginning she would cry cry and cry then fall asleep. Now I just put her in to her basket and she is out.
I do admit that having a strutter in a day has helped her and me. I finally could predict what will happen 🙂 and when I can do some things around the house :-).

Did it help with her sleeping at night? no.

We always have been lucky when it comes to nights. Chloe would wake up for her feeds and then go back straight to sleep, it’s the evenings which were proving difficult which I mentioned in previous posts.
She still was for a while, quite unsetteld in the evening when we put her down into her moses basket. I think that it was just normal transition which she had to make.Come on its hard to sleep in a basket if you can in the safe place of your mums arms. We changed her evening routine a bit, after bath my husband started reading her a story. We also moved her basket in the evening to our bedroom so she could start falling asleep there instead of being with us in the living room. After a few days she started to fall asleep on her own and the screaming has stopped.

Is routine  good? Yes, it is.
Does it work? Yes, it does but its not an answer to everything.
What routine is best? It depends on you. We have a bed time routine and we have set times for naps and thats it! I still feed my baby when she wants to eat ( which is very predictable now). If we want or need to go out and its Chloe’s nap time then we will let her sleep in the car or pram. I just wanted to have a healthy balance between Chloe’s needs for a routine and having a life.

My advice is yes baby needs a routine, routine which suits your baby and your life. Remember that every baby is different and needs different things, every parent is different and lives different life style….


Paranoid about baby sleeping routine.
Paranoid is how you can describe what I became yesterday. Why Chloe only falls asleep to have a nap on my chest or with dummy? Why is Chloe crying in the evening before going to sleep? should I let her cry to sleep? is she too small to self soothe ???!!!!!! I was going crazy !!! I was reading lots of different articles on the internet, asking other mums about they experience, reding some more and then driving my husband mad with questions …..
Why do some people make you think that it’s not good if your 2,5 months old baby doesn’t fall asleep on their own and doesn’t sleep through the whole night??? I know that we all do things differently and would bring up our kids in a different ways and that’s fine. What isn’t fine is when you make other people feel bad about the way they choose to do things!! There is nothing wrong with letting your baby fall asleep on the breast, there is nothing wrong with cuddling your baby when they cry & there is notching wrong with using dummy if you choose to do so!!! We all want our babies to sleep well through the night and to fall asleep on their own, have a good sleep routine (whatever that is) but on the end of the day we are talking here about small babies!! There is so many specialist claiming to know best, so many different approaches and opinions on how to put your baby to sleep and about sleeping routines; it’s hard to know what is the best option. Because there is so many of them there obviously isn’t one good way of doing it and noone knows what is the best way !!! Just do what seems right for your baby and what you feel comfortable with!!!!! #baby #sleep #sleepingroutine #newborn #firsttimemum