I am used to disturbed sleep by now. Getting up every 2,3 or 4 hours to feed my little princess – it’s fine My body knows that nower days we are constantly tired 😊. What I’m also used to is being able to sleep untill 8am. For some reason 8am was always making me feel better about my lack of sleep, probably because I could think in my head oh it’s already 8, everyone are already at work and I am still in bed (not thinking about all of the night feeds I have done) .

Now Chloe decided to take that away from me as well as good night sleep !!!!!!!!!!! Now Chloe wants to get up at 6:30am and play!!! Play at 6:30am 😳😳😳 non of my arguments that it’s to early to play are working 🙂 If I am lucky I manage to slee through her talking till 7am …. Good news ? It will all pass …. Soon? Hopefully 😁