Paranoid about baby sleeping routine.
Paranoid is how you can describe what I became yesterday. Why Chloe only falls asleep to have a nap on my chest or with dummy? Why is Chloe crying in the evening before going to sleep? should I let her cry to sleep? is she too small to self soothe ???!!!!!! I was going crazy !!! I was reading lots of different articles on the internet, asking other mums about they experience, reding some more and then driving my husband mad with questions …..
Why do some people make you think that it’s not good if your 2,5 months old baby doesn’t fall asleep on their own and doesn’t sleep through the whole night??? I know that we all do things differently and would bring up our kids in a different ways and that’s fine. What isn’t fine is when you make other people feel bad about the way they choose to do things!! There is nothing wrong with letting your baby fall asleep on the breast, there is nothing wrong with cuddling your baby when they cry & there is notching wrong with using dummy if you choose to do so!!! We all want our babies to sleep well through the night and to fall asleep on their own, have a good sleep routine (whatever that is) but on the end of the day we are talking here about small babies!! There is so many specialist claiming to know best, so many different approaches and opinions on how to put your baby to sleep and about sleeping routines; it’s hard to know what is the best option. Because there is so many of them there obviously isn’t one good way of doing it and noone knows what is the best way !!! Just do what seems right for your baby and what you feel comfortable with!!!!! #baby #sleep #sleepingroutine #newborn #firsttimemum