Your baby’s brain will grow with your ❤️ !

Who doesn’t like to cuddle theirs baby? It’s the best thing in the world!❤️ I love getting up to Chloe chatting waiting ready in the cot to give me lots of cuddles, Chloe wanting her mummy cuddles when she isn’t 100%, cuddling up every evening to have her story … And much more. 

Now Mummy’s cuddles has been prescribed by a doctor ! There is now an extra reason to do it, or a reason to do it even more often (which your baby/child might not appreciate 😂) !!! 


Being a mum is the most wonderful, amazing, rewarding, tiring, something frustrating, incredible thing in the whole world !!!

 I was very lucy to have the most incredible woman as my Mum! She was so incredible and amazing that I know that I will never be able to match her …. But if my daughter one day thinks that I did half as good job as my mum did then I am going to be very happy ! 

 Happy Monthere day to all of you ! Remember that you are doing an amazing job of being a mum every day … even if things are not perfect and on some days the house is a tip, or you leave the house with greasy hair … You are still an amazing mum !!!!