Baby Sprinkle, Yes this time it is called a Baby Sprinkle not a Baby Shower. Let me explain; A Baby Sprinkle is a less lavish Baby Shower to welcome your second, third, fourth baby ….. 😊 It’s much smaller and much less extravagant, with the Mum To Be being sprinkled with gifts instead of showered with them. It’s all about having a lovely time with your closest friends and family. Its a tradition which started in America only a couple of years ago, it’s still very new so not many people celebrate it. 

I wanted to do something for the second baby, it seemed to me unfair to have a big celebration when I was expecting my first daughter and to do nothing for the second one…. I definitely didn’t want to be the one explaining to my second daughter why there are no photos of her baby shower. 

Are there any rules? From what I have found out it’s very similar to a Baby Shower with a few exceptions:


 Yes you have to have them but this time it can be much less formal: an invitation sent through internet/ group text this time is more than enough (but if you want a fancy traditional invitation go for it). 


The same rules apply as with a Baby Shower; Your friend or your family can organise it, or if you are a control freak like me you do it yourself 😊.


There are no rules when it comes to it, go with what you like, or forget about the theme all together and just have a lovely dinner/lunch/tea party. 


As with a Baby Shower you should organise it by the end of your pregnancy, but at the time that you are still feeling well with minimal chances of going in to labour. 1 to 2 months before due date will be perfect. A Baby Sprinkle should last around 2 hours, it is much shorter than a Baby Shower which usually takes the whole afternoon. 


Don’t expect any. Yes you can make a registered gift list or a general gift list but remember that you already have most of the things for baby so it should only be small things on it. This time is all about just having a lovely time and not the presents. 

 I had my Baby Sprinkle last weekend and I had a lovely time. A much smaller event than the 40 guests that I had last time. Chloe has loved having a party (“Chloe’s and Baby Sister’s Party”) and being allowed to eat lots of treats. Here are some photos …


Being a mum is the most wonderful, amazing, rewarding, tiring, something frustrating, incredible thing in the whole world !!!

 I was very lucy to have the most incredible woman as my Mum! She was so incredible and amazing that I know that I will never be able to match her …. But if my daughter one day thinks that I did half as good job as my mum did then I am going to be very happy ! 

 Happy Monthere day to all of you ! Remember that you are doing an amazing job of being a mum every day … even if things are not perfect and on some days the house is a tip, or you leave the house with greasy hair … You are still an amazing mum !!!! 


Months of planing, weeks of preparation, lots of stress, excitement and happiness … And now Chloe is one year old ! 

 I have spent a lot of time making all birthday decorations, birthday cakes and food. This are the results of Chloe’s two birthday parties. 



Chloe has been Christened! She has also had a lovely holidays in Poland. I on the other had had lost few years from stressing and few kg from vomiting. Let me tell you all about it😂

 You all already know that I am one of “THOSE” parents now from my last post. We have had few busy but nice days with my family. We had lots of people coming to visit and stay with us. I must admit Chloe was such a good girl. She has adapted very quickly to new surroundings, new cot and all of those new faces. She has also charmed everyone and make them fall in love with her. 

 We have taken Chloe for the first time to the ZOO which was a great fun (for us as I don’t think that Chloe understood what was happening). It was just what I needed the day before Christening : lovely, fun family time. 

 Christening morning turned up to be a nightmare. I got up in the morning and been sick, and sick and sick. I was so ill that I couldn’t get out of the bed ! How could this be happening to me on my babies Christening day??   There is my Husband saying we are cancelling Christening, the hotel restaurant which I meant to start decorating, cake which meant to be picked up like now; and there is me …. Unable to get out of the bed 2 hours before the  big event😳😳😳

Cancelling wasn’t an option and I was determinated to make it to the church. Somehow (I still don’t know how) I managed to get dress, get my sisters to help me to do a little bit of decorating and get Chloe dressed. By this point my grand ideas of how I wanted the restaurant to look like we’re gone (surprisingly 😊). I didn’t really care which was such a shame as I was planning it for so long. So I was up and running, grateful that somehow I started to feel much better, thinking that I can do it …. Until the mass had started. I have spend all mass bend in half, (this was the position I felt less horrible in) wondering if I will loos consciousness or not .

Straight after I God another rush of adrenaline and managed to get through the photos and the big meal. Big meal with lots of different courses, which I have been planning for ages and of which I have eaten a potato !!!!!

It wasn’t the day that I have planned but my baby girl has been christened and I have seen my lovely family which is the most important.