Baby sensory classes ! 

Baby sensory is one class that I would recommend everyone attend with their babies. It’s the most incredible class which combines music classes, sing and sign classes, massage and SO MUCH MORE. It provide ideas for play, massage, tummy time, movement, visual development, hand-eye coordination and music in simple practical ways that can easily be repeated at home. 

Each class is different and very exciting with themed weeks. You and your little one can enjoy everything from a beach party, going on a animal adventure, exploring the sea, having fun in the snow and much more. There are also special additional classes to help you celebrate the special days like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day Or Babies First Christmas.  

 It is designed to stimulate, educate and help you bond with your baby. It also helps you meet new mums and make friends. 

I have done it with my first baby since she was 6 weeks old and I am doing it now with my second. I love it and so does my daughter. If you want to find out more just go to the baby sensory website 


 It’s official, my maternity leave is coming to an end very soon NO NO NO NO!!!! 😭 I have 5 weeks left and then I have to go back to work. First 3 months I will work 4 days a week. After the first 3 months I will be back at work full time; that is 5 days a week, 40 hours a week, 2400 minutes away from my precious little girl every single week. This means that I won’t see her in the morning, I won’t get her dressed, I won’t give her her breakfast, I won’t be playing with her, cuddling her, kissing her until 5pm when I will be back home from work…. Just thinking about it makes me cry! How will I do it? How will I cope with it?  

 This week we start settling in sessions at the nursery which Chloe will attend 2 days a week. We also will start teaching grandparents how to look after Chloe and slowly start leaving Chloe with them. I know that I have to do it so Chloe gets used to being without me but isn’t it ridiculous ? Isn’t it ridiculous that I am expected to leave my baby when the only thing I want to do is to have her next to me all the time so I can enjoy every second that I have left of my maternity leave? 

 I am trying to make the most of the 5 weeks left …There seems to be way too many things that I should do while I am still off, and every day things that I have to do …  

 My mum had 4 kids and was working full time and she has done an amazing job bringing us up… Everyone keeps telling me that after a few days back at work I will be fine …. I know that this is life and you just get on with it and make the most of what you have … But right now I don’t know how I will do it…. This will be up there with one of the hardest things that I have had to do in life … 

Thank god for Coffeeshops !! 😊

 I have never spend so much time in a coffeeshop as I do while on maternity leave. They bring normality in to my life! On the beginning before I meet my Mums gang I would go to one to be round people and so I cant see all of the stuff which need to be done at home. I would buy lots of magasines have a cake (we all deserve it !!!!!) and my decafe (breastfeeding) coffee (lots of it) while Chloe was sleeping (they do sleep a lot of the beginning) . 

  You know the time when they are still quite small (3 months or so)  and you are trying to establish a routine and they don’t want to sleep … Of we went in the pram for a walk and as soon as she would fall asleep I would head to a coffeeshop, we all know that you can’t go home because as soon as you open the door baby is wide awake !!!  

 Now is all about socialising.Yummy mummies with our perfect prams pushing our perfect baby stroll in to a coffee shop and take it over moving all of the tables and chairs so we can park 8 prams, and fit 8 highchairs on top of all of the space that we mums need – the customers and the owners hate us ! 

Work 😫😫😫

 I had to slowly start thinking about work. Needing to organise meeting with work to talk about returning after maternity; organise some keep in touch days so I know what was happening while I was gone (fashion never sleeps as we say where I work-lots to catch up on) and the worst of all needing to start to leave my little precious girl with other people. 

 Unfortunately due to my work I won’t be able to go back part time … This makes it harder, especially that all of the other mums are going back back part time. 

 I started to make small steps by having grandparents over for few hours observing how I do things with Chloe. Then leaving Chloe for an hour, then for 3 hours (it was the longest I could do). 

 First of my keep in touch days Chloe’s grandad was looking after her … With my husband who I made to work from home so he can keep an eye on everything. Not that there is anything to worry about, Grandad is amazing withChloe, and he knows what he is doing but I just can’t bring myself to leave her for more than few hours with anyone other than my husband. I have done 2 keep in touch days so far and because my husband was working from home it wasn’t too bad… I just don’t know how will I be able to go back full time to work???!!!!! Right now I don’t know how I will do it… I will have to somehow… Everyone else is doing it so it can’t be that bad???? My friend just went back to work and she is loving it ???? Just thinking about it is stressing me out !!!!  

KEEP IN TOUCH DAY … More like the worst day of my life !!!

Keep in touch day at work … We all need to do it in a build up to the maternity leave finishing (can’t even think about it!!!!!!!). So today is the day that I need to leave my baby and go for few hours to work !!!!  Leaving the house and saying my goodbye was one of the hardest things in my life ! I have left Chloe with her dad and grandfather which is making it much easier …. Right? So why was I in tears leaving the house ??????  It’s so so so hard … I can’t even think about how will I be able to go back to work full time ???? Leave Chloe in the nursery or only with grandparents without my husband checking that Chloe is ok ??? 

 On one hand I just want to shout : I QUIT, I DONT WANT TO WORK !  I want to be at home withy baby …. On the other hand I know that it’s good for her to be surrounded by other people, and that I go back to work so she can have everything that she needs and wants… There is also this small part of me thinking that I nee to think about my future and my carrier …. 



Yummy mummy to be 😊

IMG_6971 Yummy mummy to be 😊
I mentioned before that I decided to prove wrong everyone who told me that I can’t be fashionable with my baby bump ! And I did😊 I have been posting selfies of me while pregnant 8-9 months pregnant to prove it. I will attache some of those .
A lot of maternity clothes are …. Well how to put it …. Awful!!! But it’s slowly changing as retailer starts to understand that we want to look good !!! Really good one for maternity fashion is ASOS . Sometimes quality may not be the best but choice is great and it’s very current !!! H&M does some nice pieces. I personally didn’t find anything in Topshop which was very disappointing as I have had a very high hopes.
I did end up buying normal clothes in bigger size. This came handy after my gorgeous baby was born as I didn’t (still don’t) fit in any of my old clothes 😊 Only maternity clothes I bought was some dresses, tops(by the end when my bump was pretty big) & denims ( tried few company’s but H&M is definitely the best and most comfortable one). I also ended up wearing lots of my old clothes like Blazers, Jumpers etc.





You went through 9 months of being the happiest and the most beautiful woman in the world (thats me 🙂 )or the most miserable and fat (I know that there is a lot of us who don’t enjoy it) and hearing :
– your life will be over once you have a baby
– get all of the sleep you can now as you wont sleep from now on
– you wont be looking that pretty once the baby comes (no time to do hair and put your make up on)
– you wont be able to go out
– You wont be able to dress in all of those nice clothes, tracuit and hoodie will be your chosen outfit once baby comes.
Question I wanted to scream was WHY ANYONE HAS BABIES ???? If its that bad why anyone decydies to have one ???!!!!