Rubbish tells! 

How many times times have you been told the sex of your child based on the shape or height of your belly? I even had someone questioning the result of my scan (Stranger: are you expecting a boy? Me: no I am having a girl. Stranger: Are you sure about that? Me: Yes I had a scan Stranger: I think that it was wrong and you are having a boy, your bump is very high …. Me: are you serious?) How many times have you been told that because your second pregnancy is different you will have the opposite sex ? How many times you been told that first babies are always late and second babies are always early? Or that your labour will be the same as the first one, or it will be like that because of this and that in your pregnancy? ITS ALL RUBBISH!!!!!! I am a mum of two girls. I have had two very different pregnancies and very different labours. 

My first pregnancy was a dream. I had no morning sickness, I had the pregnancy glow, my skin became lovely, my hair was glossy, I loved every second of it. The only side affects were feeling full very quickly in the first trimester which was so frustrating as I love my food, and the not sleeping great in the third trimester. 

My second pregnancy was very different. I was feeling sick and being sick for the first 5 months. Like clockwork every day at 4pm nausea crept in, I would feel sick and be sick every day until I started taking tablets. I got very bad varicose veins on my legs and to top it off I got a hernia ! I still loved being pregnant but it was a very different experience. 

My first daughter was born 2 weeks while the second one was 3 days late. 

My first labour was induced. My waters broke but the labour didn’t start so I had to be induced 24 hours later. The whole labour lasted around 6 hours (by the labour I mean since it’s full on, painful with long contractions). 

 The second one was natural, waters didn’t break till very end of the labour, and the labour took around 2,5hours and we made it to hospital 20min before she was born. 

 The only similarity is that I managed to only have gas and air with both of them (bloody proud of it 💪🏻)

With both of the labours I wanted to be in Birthing Center in the pool … which both of them that didn’t happen. First one I had to be in the hospital because of the induction; With the second one I was in the birthing center and they even started to fill in the pool but this baby was not going to wait . So you see two girls and such a different experience with each of them …. 

what was your experience? 


The second pregnancy is definitely very different! I was always told that by all of my baby mums but didn’t really believe it / understand it. I was shocked to discover how different it is. I am not talking here about the actual pregnancy (this is very different to the first one as well).
I remember being pregnant with Chloe and being obsessed about it and with everything to do with pregnancy and having babies etc. I would know each week what “fruit size” Chloe was, how she was developing; I would be spending hours on the internet researching all baby stuff that I needed, looking for hours for the perfect baby cot, toys. I would be starting to plan her room from when I was 3 months pregnant. I read all of the books about what to expect and bought every baby magazine out there.

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and have done very little to nothing !!! I am already feeling sorry for my little baby girl as her mum half of the time doesn’t even remember how far pregnant she is (I had to check my baby app to tell you the weeks). I have had no time to do anything: no name ready, no plan of what needs to be done, nothing has been bought…. last weekend we had to make a conscious decision to write down a plan of what we will do each weekend so we are prepared for the arrival of our baby girl!

Don’t get me wrong we are very excited about her arrival, and I love house decorating, planing, baby stuff shopping- it’s my paradise, but with full time work, Chloe and a house to run I have no time or energy! (Even with a husband who does a lot to support – had to mention it So he doesnt get offended).

I will now be booking time each weekend so we can do things for our upcoming baby as well as having quality time with Chloe and some rest/fun…. Lets see how that goes ….

I AM TIRED ! 💤💤💤💤

I knew that by becoming a mum I will join the groups of people who are constantly tired and cannot function without coffee. 

 When I became a full time working Mum I knew that I will become even more tired and I was prepared for it. The key was to get very organized so everything runs smoothly and you don’t try and get everything done at the same time. 

… But I was not prepared for the level of tiredness which swamped me once I became pregnant again. I AM CONSTANTLY TIRED/ EXHAUSTED ! I go to sleep exhausted and I get up in the morning tired !!! The thing is that you still need to go to work and be on your best form; make sure that after work you have quality time with your baby who you missed so terribly for the whole day, cook dinner, bath you child and put to sleep, tidy up the house and then collapse on the sofa and try to have some quality time with you husband while trying not to fall asleep 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤

 I love being pregnant and I know that this tiny tiny baby inside me will be worth it …. But I AM EXHAUSTED !!!!! 

I was always against having a cleaner but at this point of my life I don’t care I am getting one so I can try and relax a bit more over the weekend ….

BABY ON BOARD ! And why that made me go so quiet.

  As you know from the previous post I am expecting my second baby!!! The new addition to the family should arrive on the 2/10/2016. I am so so so happy!!! 

 Normally this wouldn’t be a reason to stop writing the blog … Unless your pregnancy is one of the challenging ones, the challenge being the morning or in my case evening sickness. 

 When I was pregnant with Chloe I was blossoming! Except few little exceptions in the begging of the pregnancy I loved the whole 9 months ! What has shocked me this time is how much this pregnancy is different from the first one ?! (And no it doesn’t mean that I am having a boy, I checked with the doctor and there is no link between the two 😊). From week 6 I have been feeling unwell every single evening. Like clockwork, as soon as 4pm struck, I would start feeling nauseous. On a good day I would just feel nauseous and horrible, on a bad one I would be sick… a lot. Every day by 7pm I would be like a zombie laying on the sofa having have no energy to talk or move. And what was heart breaking for me is that I couldnt play with Chloe after work as I used to and give her as much attention as she deserves.

 I was determinated to handle it until the 3rd month of the pregnancy (didn’t want to take medicines because of the baby blah blah blah) … As that’s when the sickness is supposed to end ??!!! Not in my case ! When we went past the 3 month mark without the symptoms disappearing or easing off, I decided that I cannot live like that any longer and I need some medicines to help me. It got to the point that I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy at all and that’s not a nice way to feel. Oh and just before you ask I did try all of the natural ways of preventing morning/evening sickness: eating ginger, grapes, drinking mint tea, not eating fruits or fried food etc., eating toast and crackers, trying pressure bands on my wrists …. Nothing helped !!!! 

  I use to write most of my blog posts in the evening: after work, and after all of the house chores has been done and Chloe was put to sleep. As you can see that this was pretty much impossible to do recently… But I am back!!! Tablets have been working their magic and I can enjoy my evenings now and hopefully find some energy to write a bit more (yes the lack of energy by 8pm might be an issue here 😁). 

 Are any of you currently pregnant ??? If so how is your pregnancy going ??? 

And I must say I do admire all of the girls out there who suffer with sickness even more than I did ! You are incredible to handle it !!!!! 

Labour – aren’t we all looking forward to it? 😳 NOT

Labour – aren’t we all looking forward to it? 😳
The most scariest moment of my life !!! I was petrified even thinking about it !! Reading and listening about it was making me feel sick. Why babies can’t just pop out ??!! Oh life would be so much better 😊
I think that the worst thing about labour was that I just didn’t know what to expect, not knowing is quite scary. I plan everything in my life so not being able to plan this little detail was freaking me out as I wasn’t in control!
You are expected to decide what type of labour you want … But how should you know when you don’t know, how you will fill, how long it will take, how you will deal with the pain….
I remember going to see my birth centre. There was around 20 of us making our way to one of the rooms when we seen a woman screaming in pain and looking pretty bad … I turned to my husband and said : I am not doing it !!! I am not going to give birth hehehe
Did any of you notice that all of the people who try to be “helpful” always tell you about the word labour scenario ? I did and this wasn’t helping at all.
Me and my husband decided that we will try water birth and if it gets too painful I will get epidural😊. I know that there is a lot of brave women saying : I will do it all natural, but I didn’t want to try to be brave😊.
Then there is the question of when?. When will the baby decide to come?😊. Everyone says that your first baby is always late and you usually have it in week 41 or 42. When when when when ……. I had a bet will almost everyone about my baby’s due date. I was admitted that she will come one week earlier which would make it 27 of October, everyone else been betting one week late or more. Guess who was right ?…….
Did you hear that most labours never go to plan ? They don’t ! neither did my.
My waters broke on the evening of Sunday the 26 of October which was great as this mean that I wan all of the bets 😁. My baby girl was one week earlier ! I didn’t have to wait any longer to see her !!!! So my water broke, what’s next? I didn’t have any contractions so I knew that my labour didn’t start yet. We called the hospital and we been told that I have to be seen by the doctor.
We went to the hospital and after monitoring baby for 30min to make sure that she is fine I was sent home and told that if my labour doesn’t start I need to be back at the hospital at 7pm (24 hours later). Obviously I didn’t really sleep, I keep waking up to see if I was having contractions 😊. By the morning my contraction has started but they were very mild and far apart. So of we went walking, out for a lunch (yes I did) and to the shop for pineapples ( apparently it helps). By the late afternoon I had contractions every 6-7 minutes. I remember seating on my exercise ball and saying to my husband : hun I have really high pain threshold, this isn’t bad at all ! I have called the hospital to confirm that I don’t have to go to go back there just to be told that I have to be seen by a doctor. While waiting for the doctor midwife told me that I will be induced … But why ? I am having contractions so why should I be induced? Apparently that wasn’t the proper contractions, I remember telling my husband that this midwife didn’t know what she was talking about, that I have a very high pain threshold that’s why I wasn’t in agony 😊…. I couldn’t have be more wrong 😊. We have waited from 7pm to 3am to be seen by the doctor (apparently very very busy night with emergences) and by this point contractions were much more painful, or my pain threshold has decreased dramatically 😊. Before you are being induced you always have to have a ultrasound done to check that the baby is ok …. Can you imagine my face when doctor told me that baby is sideways and I may need to have emergency cesarian ??!! I went from wanting a water birth to being induced to having cesarian ??!! Luckily he was wrong, his boss informed us that baby is fine, she is ready to come and I’m 4cm dilated 😊but I still need to be induced….. Once induced question asked by my midwife was: what pain relief ? We decided on epidural but because I really wanted to be mobile (thought of not being able to walk to the toilet was scary) and be able to feel when to push I didn’t want it straight away. I wanted to see how long I can last on gas & air. Plan was that once I can’t bear the pain anymore I will get epidural. Midwife said that the earliest baby will arrive will be 1pm so with that in mind waiting with epidural was a good idea….. As it turned out it wasn’t 😊 Around 8:30-9:00 am I couldn’t bear the pain anymore and asked for epidural but at this point midwife has discovered that I’m almost 8cm dilated (she was very surprised) She said that baby will be here very soon so there is no time for epidural. On the 28 of October at 9:24 Chloe was born 🙂 I can easily say that it was the happiest moment in my life 😊 My advice is take epidural earlier don’t try to be brave as I was 🙂 but considering that being induced is twice as painful as natural birth I am very proud of myself for doing it on only gas and air and I have to point it out I didn’t scream once !!!!!!!!! I also need to mention my husband. He was amazing throughout the whole time and I probably couldn’t do it without him . Even though he was trying to feed me banana while I was pushing (you can imagine what was my response)😁
My biggest fear throughout the labour …. not to poo … thats why I was only eating bananas 🙂

Pregnancy- most wonderful 9 months … and 9 months of annoying comments and question :-)

Pregnancy – my story
I loved being pregnant ( most of the time ) and been lucky enough to have only few side effect like indigestion, feeling sick in the evening.
Only thing trying to destroy my happiness – other people !!!! Did you find that everyone had something to say or an advice to give?!
7 most annoying comments and questions :

Nr 1:
Most annoying from all was the question
Q- what do you want to have a boy or a girl?
Me- a girl
Q- it doesn’t matter as far as it is healthy.

Obviously it doesn’t matter buy you just asked me what I would prefer!!!! Why ask ???? !!!! So enjoying.

Nr 2:
Q- what are you having ? A boy?
Me- no, a girl.
Q- are you sure it isn’t a boy ? I think that it is .
Really??!! Do you really think that you know better than me(mum) and ultrasound scan?? I actual got paranoid that I will have a boy not a girl and have been panicking what I will do with all of those pink clothes 😊

Nr 3:
Q- when are you going on maternity leave ? Soon?! (3months pregnant)
Me- no I’m planning on working right up to week 38
Q- really? Don’t you think that you should be resting?
I understand that some people want to go on maternity early and there is nothing wrong with it, but I’m not one of those people. I love my job and I was fit enough to work right to the end. My question is : why do you ask me if there is a big chance that you won’t like my answer?

Nr 4: you shouldn’t be doing all of those things (go out, go shopping, decorate house(we just bought our first home) walk etc. YOU SHOULD BE RESTING as you won’t be able to do it once baby arrives.
How can you do nothing all day long ? How can you seat in front of the tv all day long ? For me that is just being lazy !!! I think that you expect me to do nothing so you can justify why you are/was lazy. As a pregnant woman yes I did get tired quite easily and needed more rest than normally but that’s it!

Nr 5: Soon you won’t be looking that good (when you get big bump)
That was when I was 3 months old. This enjoyed me big time! I work in fashion ( nothing very posh I’m Visual Merchandising Manager ) and I like to look good and decided to prove everyone that being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to dress like a old lady with no fashion sense! I agree that a lot of maternity clothes are very mumys but you don’t have to dress like your mum or wear tracksuit! More about it later 😊.

Nr 6: your bump in very low (in a tone of voice which suggests that I will go in to labour any minute now.
Really? And you are a classified midwife from when ? Going by those comments I should have given birth at 6 months!

Nr 7: You are not allowed to do it!!!
This one was getting on my nerves but I couldn’t do or say anything as it came from a good place. I’m very independent and like to get things done so having to ask people at work to do things for me was killing me! Having people not allowing me to carry a box of tissues was drawing me mad! 😊
Did you experience exactly this same? Seems like pregnancy and new born babies makes everyone very opinionated ….

Yummy mummy to be 😊

IMG_6971 Yummy mummy to be 😊
I mentioned before that I decided to prove wrong everyone who told me that I can’t be fashionable with my baby bump ! And I did😊 I have been posting selfies of me while pregnant 8-9 months pregnant to prove it. I will attache some of those .
A lot of maternity clothes are …. Well how to put it …. Awful!!! But it’s slowly changing as retailer starts to understand that we want to look good !!! Really good one for maternity fashion is ASOS . Sometimes quality may not be the best but choice is great and it’s very current !!! H&M does some nice pieces. I personally didn’t find anything in Topshop which was very disappointing as I have had a very high hopes.
I did end up buying normal clothes in bigger size. This came handy after my gorgeous baby was born as I didn’t (still don’t) fit in any of my old clothes 😊 Only maternity clothes I bought was some dresses, tops(by the end when my bump was pretty big) & denims ( tried few company’s but H&M is definitely the best and most comfortable one). I also ended up wearing lots of my old clothes like Blazers, Jumpers etc.





You went through 9 months of being the happiest and the most beautiful woman in the world (thats me 🙂 )or the most miserable and fat (I know that there is a lot of us who don’t enjoy it) and hearing :
– your life will be over once you have a baby
– get all of the sleep you can now as you wont sleep from now on
– you wont be looking that pretty once the baby comes (no time to do hair and put your make up on)
– you wont be able to go out
– You wont be able to dress in all of those nice clothes, tracuit and hoodie will be your chosen outfit once baby comes.
Question I wanted to scream was WHY ANYONE HAS BABIES ???? If its that bad why anyone decydies to have one ???!!!!