Pregnancy- most wonderful 9 months … and 9 months of annoying comments and question :-)

Pregnancy – my story
I loved being pregnant ( most of the time ) and been lucky enough to have only few side effect like indigestion, feeling sick in the evening.
Only thing trying to destroy my happiness – other people !!!! Did you find that everyone had something to say or an advice to give?!
7 most annoying comments and questions :

Nr 1:
Most annoying from all was the question
Q- what do you want to have a boy or a girl?
Me- a girl
Q- it doesn’t matter as far as it is healthy.

Obviously it doesn’t matter buy you just asked me what I would prefer!!!! Why ask ???? !!!! So enjoying.

Nr 2:
Q- what are you having ? A boy?
Me- no, a girl.
Q- are you sure it isn’t a boy ? I think that it is .
Really??!! Do you really think that you know better than me(mum) and ultrasound scan?? I actual got paranoid that I will have a boy not a girl and have been panicking what I will do with all of those pink clothes 😊

Nr 3:
Q- when are you going on maternity leave ? Soon?! (3months pregnant)
Me- no I’m planning on working right up to week 38
Q- really? Don’t you think that you should be resting?
I understand that some people want to go on maternity early and there is nothing wrong with it, but I’m not one of those people. I love my job and I was fit enough to work right to the end. My question is : why do you ask me if there is a big chance that you won’t like my answer?

Nr 4: you shouldn’t be doing all of those things (go out, go shopping, decorate house(we just bought our first home) walk etc. YOU SHOULD BE RESTING as you won’t be able to do it once baby arrives.
How can you do nothing all day long ? How can you seat in front of the tv all day long ? For me that is just being lazy !!! I think that you expect me to do nothing so you can justify why you are/was lazy. As a pregnant woman yes I did get tired quite easily and needed more rest than normally but that’s it!

Nr 5: Soon you won’t be looking that good (when you get big bump)
That was when I was 3 months old. This enjoyed me big time! I work in fashion ( nothing very posh I’m Visual Merchandising Manager ) and I like to look good and decided to prove everyone that being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to dress like a old lady with no fashion sense! I agree that a lot of maternity clothes are very mumys but you don’t have to dress like your mum or wear tracksuit! More about it later 😊.

Nr 6: your bump in very low (in a tone of voice which suggests that I will go in to labour any minute now.
Really? And you are a classified midwife from when ? Going by those comments I should have given birth at 6 months!

Nr 7: You are not allowed to do it!!!
This one was getting on my nerves but I couldn’t do or say anything as it came from a good place. I’m very independent and like to get things done so having to ask people at work to do things for me was killing me! Having people not allowing me to carry a box of tissues was drawing me mad! 😊
Did you experience exactly this same? Seems like pregnancy and new born babies makes everyone very opinionated ….

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