Breast … feeding 😊

Breastfeeding wasn’t a question for me, it was just an obvious choice.

 It was very easy with my first one and after a rocky start with the second one, we are both enjoying it as well. I love breastfeeding, I love the bond that I have with the baby and all of the extra cuddles that I get because of it. But it’s not that straight forward. Breast feeding though it’s the most natural thing in the world can be very difficult to establish. There are so many Mums out there that try and cannot do it for lots of different reasons, there is also a lot of babies who can’t get the hang of it. As mums-to-be we get a lot of advice, lessons and support but none of them prepare you for how hard it can be to breastfeed, they only stress how important it is. There needs to be a better education on it and much better support for everyone who struggles. There also needs to be much more empathy towards mums who struggle or can’t do it. I have heard some many bad stories from Mums who were looking for help and had someone make them feel even worse than they already did! You cannot give a Mum who is struggling to breastfeed her baby advice like: just breastfeed and don’t give your baby a bottle, she will eat when she gets hungry ….. really?  And lastly no mum should judge how the other one feeds their baby, bottle or breast, we all do what we think is best for our babies and what works for us … 

what was your baby feeding experience ? 


HOW/CAN ? You prepare for your second child :-) 

How to prepare for your second child.I don’t think that there is anything you can do to prepare yourself for second child; but there are quite a few things you can do to make it easier for your first born.


As soon as your bump becomes visible start reading your child stories about “baby in mummy’s tommy” and them becoming big sister/brother .My favourite books were :

And “Princess Poly I am new big sister”. 

 . When/if you find out what you are having you can start reading books about them getting baby sister / brother. This will help them to understand what is happening and what is to come. 


It’s very important that you get them involved in baby related things. We got Chloe involved in preparing for the new arrival: 

– helping to fold baby clothes (or shall I say unfold? 😂) which she loved, she would pick up every single garment and say: mummy look it’s so small ! 

– taking her to midwife appointments to check that “baby is ok”. 

– help decorate her sisters nursery (choosing where to put toys, what photos to put in to frames)

– going shopping to buy things for the baby and asking for her help with it. 


What makes the inconvenience of the arrival of the sibling more bearable is a nice present. Your Firstborn is more likely to “like” someone who gave him present (especially when it is something that they really wanted). 


Make sure that your guest give your child as much attention as they will give to the baby. It is a very good idea to get your toddler to show quests where the baby is and ask him questions about the baby. It will make them feel very important. 

 Get your toddler to help with the baby. Getting involved in everyday tasks will stop your toddler feeling excluded. Giving nappy and wipes, bringing blanket etc all of those little things will make them feel as a very important big sister/brother. 

 The hardest thing for your child to deal with will be lack of attention. They live gets thrown up side down; one day they are the only person who gets your attention the next day there is someone who gets much more of your attention than they do. Make sure that each day you do spend quality time with your toddler. Put aside an hour a day when your baby is sleeping when you can have lots of fun with your toddler; it will be hard when you are sleep deprived but it will make a huge difference to your child. 


 You won’t be able to follow all of your old routines of bathing, feeding, reading stories, tucking in to bed. Make sure that you make new ones which involve the baby and work with having two kids. My husband does Chloe’s batch time and bed time routine but I make sure to take Skylar to Chloe’s room for her bed time story. This now has become our new family routine and Chloe loves it. 

 Those things has worked for us. Chloe has adapted very quickly to the new family dynamics and is in love with her baby sister . 

BABY ON BOARD ! And why that made me go so quiet.

  As you know from the previous post I am expecting my second baby!!! The new addition to the family should arrive on the 2/10/2016. I am so so so happy!!! 

 Normally this wouldn’t be a reason to stop writing the blog … Unless your pregnancy is one of the challenging ones, the challenge being the morning or in my case evening sickness. 

 When I was pregnant with Chloe I was blossoming! Except few little exceptions in the begging of the pregnancy I loved the whole 9 months ! What has shocked me this time is how much this pregnancy is different from the first one ?! (And no it doesn’t mean that I am having a boy, I checked with the doctor and there is no link between the two 😊). From week 6 I have been feeling unwell every single evening. Like clockwork, as soon as 4pm struck, I would start feeling nauseous. On a good day I would just feel nauseous and horrible, on a bad one I would be sick… a lot. Every day by 7pm I would be like a zombie laying on the sofa having have no energy to talk or move. And what was heart breaking for me is that I couldnt play with Chloe after work as I used to and give her as much attention as she deserves.

 I was determinated to handle it until the 3rd month of the pregnancy (didn’t want to take medicines because of the baby blah blah blah) … As that’s when the sickness is supposed to end ??!!! Not in my case ! When we went past the 3 month mark without the symptoms disappearing or easing off, I decided that I cannot live like that any longer and I need some medicines to help me. It got to the point that I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy at all and that’s not a nice way to feel. Oh and just before you ask I did try all of the natural ways of preventing morning/evening sickness: eating ginger, grapes, drinking mint tea, not eating fruits or fried food etc., eating toast and crackers, trying pressure bands on my wrists …. Nothing helped !!!! 

  I use to write most of my blog posts in the evening: after work, and after all of the house chores has been done and Chloe was put to sleep. As you can see that this was pretty much impossible to do recently… But I am back!!! Tablets have been working their magic and I can enjoy my evenings now and hopefully find some energy to write a bit more (yes the lack of energy by 8pm might be an issue here 😁). 

 Are any of you currently pregnant ??? If so how is your pregnancy going ??? 

And I must say I do admire all of the girls out there who suffer with sickness even more than I did ! You are incredible to handle it !!!!! 

BABY CAR MIRROR … Yes or no? 

I haven’t even thought about a car mirror while pregnant, or when Chloe was born. I always seen it as a pointless gadget and one used by paranoid parents…. 

 I have changed my mind when Chloe stopped going to sleep as soon as she heard the car engine (miss those times). When she started being awake in the car and moaning or crying and I couldn’t see what was going on. I had to use my phone camera (the selfie setting) while turned round 90 degreesin my seat  (don’t worry my husband was driving not me) to check what was going in 😊. We now had purchased one and I must say it had made the car journeys much more easy. I would recommend to get one. 

 Have a fabulous day x