Breast … feeding 😊

Breastfeeding wasn’t a question for me, it was just an obvious choice.

 It was very easy with my first one and after a rocky start with the second one, we are both enjoying it as well. I love breastfeeding, I love the bond that I have with the baby and all of the extra cuddles that I get because of it. But it’s not that straight forward. Breast feeding though it’s the most natural thing in the world can be very difficult to establish. There are so many Mums out there that try and cannot do it for lots of different reasons, there is also a lot of babies who can’t get the hang of it. As mums-to-be we get a lot of advice, lessons and support but none of them prepare you for how hard it can be to breastfeed, they only stress how important it is. There needs to be a better education on it and much better support for everyone who struggles. There also needs to be much more empathy towards mums who struggle or can’t do it. I have heard some many bad stories from Mums who were looking for help and had someone make them feel even worse than they already did! You cannot give a Mum who is struggling to breastfeed her baby advice like: just breastfeed and don’t give your baby a bottle, she will eat when she gets hungry ….. really?  And lastly no mum should judge how the other one feeds their baby, bottle or breast, we all do what we think is best for our babies and what works for us … 

what was your baby feeding experience ? 


BREASTFEEDING… Time to end this amazing emotional bond …

I have been very lucky to be able to breastfeed Chloe straight away without any problems… Once she got hold of my breast and started sucking she didn’t want to let go for 12 hours  !! This very painful 12 hours were a beginning of an amazing, emotional bond that I had with Chloe. 

 I loved every minute of it, every feed, every cuddle which came with it … And it made my life so much easier; I didn’t have to worry about having formula, sterilising bottles, making milk in the middle of night while baby screams for food…  

 Now that in few weeks time Chloe will be one and I will be going back at work it’s time to stop it… Naturally the amount of times I breastfeed Chloe has been dropping slowly over the last few months as she started to eat more and more solid food. We are now on 2 feeds a day, one in the morning and one in the evening . This week I have started to give her formula in the evening and only breastfed her in the morning . It has made me feel very sad and emotional … Especially when in the middle of the day she would start pulling my top down looking at my breast and say in her baby talk : give me my milk ! I never thought that this will be so emotional ! 

 My baby girl is growing up ….. 


Breastfeeding an Einstein 

One of the main stories on the news few days ago was about new benefit of breastfeeding. Aparently it has been proven that  breastfeed babies stay in school for longer and get better jobs . Sounds great on top of all of the benefits that we know of  … But it sounds great only if you are breastfeeding. What if you couldn’t? Or can’t ?  This kind of news would  just make you feel bad and guilty  … Should we be speaking loudly about it or not? What do you think ? 

I have been very lucky. Chloe has been born with my huge appetite which meant that she just latched on to my nipple and didn’t want to let go 😁 . It was very easy but I know how hard it is for some mums and the hell they go through when they can’t do it. 

I do not agree with mums who choose not to do it (I am not judging you)  I also don’t agree with advertising how amazing breastfeeding is as we all already know it. We should concentrate on how to help mums who want to breastfeed but can’t …