BREASTFEEDING… Time to end this amazing emotional bond …

I have been very lucky to be able to breastfeed Chloe straight away without any problems… Once she got hold of my breast and started sucking she didn’t want to let go for 12 hours  !! This very painful 12 hours were a beginning of an amazing, emotional bond that I had with Chloe. 

 I loved every minute of it, every feed, every cuddle which came with it … And it made my life so much easier; I didn’t have to worry about having formula, sterilising bottles, making milk in the middle of night while baby screams for food…  

 Now that in few weeks time Chloe will be one and I will be going back at work it’s time to stop it… Naturally the amount of times I breastfeed Chloe has been dropping slowly over the last few months as she started to eat more and more solid food. We are now on 2 feeds a day, one in the morning and one in the evening . This week I have started to give her formula in the evening and only breastfed her in the morning . It has made me feel very sad and emotional … Especially when in the middle of the day she would start pulling my top down looking at my breast and say in her baby talk : give me my milk ! I never thought that this will be so emotional ! 

 My baby girl is growing up ….. 

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