Breastfeeding an Einstein 

One of the main stories on the news few days ago was about new benefit of breastfeeding. Aparently it has been proven that  breastfeed babies stay in school for longer and get better jobs . Sounds great on top of all of the benefits that we know of  … But it sounds great only if you are breastfeeding. What if you couldn’t? Or can’t ?  This kind of news would  just make you feel bad and guilty  … Should we be speaking loudly about it or not? What do you think ? 

I have been very lucky. Chloe has been born with my huge appetite which meant that she just latched on to my nipple and didn’t want to let go 😁 . It was very easy but I know how hard it is for some mums and the hell they go through when they can’t do it. 

I do not agree with mums who choose not to do it (I am not judging you)  I also don’t agree with advertising how amazing breastfeeding is as we all already know it. We should concentrate on how to help mums who want to breastfeed but can’t … 

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