LETS PLAY A GAME : what is the reason behind crying ???  

Just when I thought that things (I mean nights) are getting better …. they go bad again or even worst …. Welcome to Mums world 😊

What a horrific night and evening we had ! Chloe just kept waking up every few hours crying. I even have taken her to our bed in the middle of the night hoping that this would help …. But no ….

On top of not sleeping and worrying you start playing the famus and most hated game : WHAT IS THE REASON BEHIND IT ? 

Nappy ? No 

Hungry ? No

Teething ? 

In pain? 

Had a nightmare ?

Sore throat ?

Belly hurts? 

Didn’t poo today can this be a problem?

And we can go on like that for good hour or so …. It frustrates the hell out of me !!!! I don’t mind not sleeping but I hate not knowing !!!!!!

Ps. Yes she was up at 6am smiling like crazy 🙂 I looked crazy due to the lack of sleep  

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