I thought that I had it all sorted: perfect napping routine, Chloe sleeping throuh the night and Chloe bed time routine… And then it all went wrong!! Without any reason Chloe started to refuse to take her usual naps, or would sleep only for 30 min. Then as soon as we moved her to her own bed at night she started getting up twice a night for her milk. To add to everything the last 3 evenings she just became so active and excited before going to bed that putting her to sleep became a nightmare !!! We went from my husband reading her bed time story and Chloe falling asleep quietly to her just kicking, talking and jumping round her cot like crazy. 

 Why oh why does it happen ??!! There is no reason for any of it as we haven change her routine! ! I think that she is playing a game with me !! Or she is teaching me the lesson of who the boss is 😁

 So off I am back to the drawing board. 

1.I need to figure out new day routine as Chloe obviously doesn’t like the old one. Need to go back to observing her to see when she wants to nap and for how long. Then fit her feeds in between to make sure she has enough. Hopefully if she starts getting more sleep in the day it will help with her night sleeping. 

2.Change her evening routine. This one is really weird as we have had this same routine for the last 5 months and up until recently it worked perfectly !! We eat dinner, have a bath, get ready to bed and then read the story. While Chloe lays in her bed… Will try to chang it a little bit and see if reeding the story before putting her in to the cot will work. 

 I just drive myself crazy asking question Why Why Why ?! And not getting any answers ! Why is she not sleeping? is she too tired? Is she teething? Is she not tired ???!!!! 

BABY ON BOARD ! And why that made me go so quiet.

  As you know from the previous post I am expecting my second baby!!! The new addition to the family should arrive on the 2/10/2016. I am so so so happy!!! 

 Normally this wouldn’t be a reason to stop writing the blog … Unless your pregnancy is one of the challenging ones, the challenge being the morning or in my case evening sickness. 

 When I was pregnant with Chloe I was blossoming! Except few little exceptions in the begging of the pregnancy I loved the whole 9 months ! What has shocked me this time is how much this pregnancy is different from the first one ?! (And no it doesn’t mean that I am having a boy, I checked with the doctor and there is no link between the two 😊). From week 6 I have been feeling unwell every single evening. Like clockwork, as soon as 4pm struck, I would start feeling nauseous. On a good day I would just feel nauseous and horrible, on a bad one I would be sick… a lot. Every day by 7pm I would be like a zombie laying on the sofa having have no energy to talk or move. And what was heart breaking for me is that I couldnt play with Chloe after work as I used to and give her as much attention as she deserves.

 I was determinated to handle it until the 3rd month of the pregnancy (didn’t want to take medicines because of the baby blah blah blah) … As that’s when the sickness is supposed to end ??!!! Not in my case ! When we went past the 3 month mark without the symptoms disappearing or easing off, I decided that I cannot live like that any longer and I need some medicines to help me. It got to the point that I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy at all and that’s not a nice way to feel. Oh and just before you ask I did try all of the natural ways of preventing morning/evening sickness: eating ginger, grapes, drinking mint tea, not eating fruits or fried food etc., eating toast and crackers, trying pressure bands on my wrists …. Nothing helped !!!! 

  I use to write most of my blog posts in the evening: after work, and after all of the house chores has been done and Chloe was put to sleep. As you can see that this was pretty much impossible to do recently… But I am back!!! Tablets have been working their magic and I can enjoy my evenings now and hopefully find some energy to write a bit more (yes the lack of energy by 8pm might be an issue here 😁). 

 Are any of you currently pregnant ??? If so how is your pregnancy going ??? 

And I must say I do admire all of the girls out there who suffer with sickness even more than I did ! You are incredible to handle it !!!!! 

YES I AM MRS PERFECT and it bothers you because?

 I am one of the people who keeps my house very tidy at all the time (only exception is when 8 babies with their mums invade my house for a “baby party”) who has a make up on when I leave the house, who never leaves house in tracksuit bottoms, whos baby pram is clean, who goes out a lot with her baby, who cooks, cleans ect. 

 I am not saying it to show off … I am saying it it because for some reason it pisses off lots of people. Why would it bother you? It doesn’t bother me if you don’t do any of those things ! 

 What you need to realise is that it is a hard work to do all of it when you have a little babie ! When you sit and watch your TV  while drinking coffee I am already making breakfast, having shower and getting dress. When your baby is napping and you are resting or trying to catch up on your sleep, I most of the time are cooking, cleaning, washing, having shower ect. And yes I do have a bad days as all of us do but I make sure that they happen very rarely. 

 I don’t judge anyone for having messy house, not doing make up or not having perfect hair. I don’t pass any sarcastic or nasty comments, so you keep yours to yourself ! 

Bigger bigger bigger each day !Β 

We are 9 months old today !!! That means that she is older than the time she spent in my belly! For some reason 9 months feels as important as 6 months. Quite emotional! Where did this time go? Didn’t I just gave birth to her ????  

What did I get as a present from her ? 3 sleepless nights in the row while 2nd tooth is coming through ! 





3 types of pancakes : Pancakes with strawberries, pancakes with apples, pancakes with banana.

So easy to make: follow a recipie for normal pancakes without adding sugar or salt (1 egg, 1 cup of flower, 1 cup of milk). Prepare fruits which you want to use.

Dice fruits in to small cubes. Apples need to be cooked before using in pancakes. Put fruits in to separate bowls and divide pancakes mixture between. Ready to fry 😁

Great as a breakfast, snack or a treat. You can freeze it in wrapped in a clean film.


How did you find weaning your baby? Was it really exciting? OH YES, was it lots of fun? OH YES, was it making you really proud of your baby? OH YES, was it confusing ? HELL YES!!!

 What did I found confusing ? 

-With what food should I start weaning ?

-How much food should I be giving and how much milk?

-How often should I introduce new food?

-When should I increase solid food from one meal to two?

-Should I give water to my baby?

Guess what? there is as many opinions as there is about sleeping,bringing up babies,ways of parenting ect ! I had no idea what is the right way to do it and it was affecting how excited I was about starting Chloe on her food. 


 There is a lot of different opinions: Baby rice, baby porridge, fruits  (for example:Apple,Bannana or Pear), Vegetable (for exapmple Carrot, Sweet potato).

 I have reed lots about it and have found so many different opinions about it. I decided to go with NHS guidance (which by the way isn’t clear at all) which says that you can start on any of the above 😊. My plan was to start with baby rice then go in to porridge then a fruits and vegetables. 

I found baby rice a total waste of money and time. The whole idea of weaning is to introduce new textures and flavours, baby rice is very watery and doesn’t have any flavour! 

After trying baby rice once I moved in to strawberry porridge which Chloe enjoyed very much and then to very simple vegetable and fruit purΓ©e . I started on fruits and vegetables pretty much straight away.


 When I reed about weaning it said that baby will eat a one spoonful of food on the beginning….. Not true! Chloe started with eating round 3 tbsp of food. I bought those cute cubes to store her food and haven’t used it because the portion was way to small. I let Chloe decide how much she wanted, I would feed her till she didn’t want it. Trust me your baby will let you know when it has had enough. 

 In my baby cook book next to each recipe it says how many portions will be made; this was very helpful, especially in the very beginning .

 When it comes to milk I have kept all of Chloe’s milk feeds and introduced solid food in between her milk. 


 As with everything there is a lot of different informations. Some say that you should give baby one food for a week, some say you should do it for 3 days and some that you should be trying new things daily. I went with the last approach and started giving Chloe lots of different foods. 

First week was very basic : Apple, Carrot, Porridge, Pear, Sweet Potatoe, Bannana. Second week I started doing a very simple mixes of fruits and vegetables :Apple & Pear, Bannana & Avocado , Apple & Parsnip, Sweet Potato & Carrot, Carrot & Buternat. On week 3 I started to give Chloe different vegetables (Broccoli, Corn, Peas, Spinach) and fruits (Strawberry, Mango, Blueberries). Week 4 which we just started I started introducing chicken and more complex meals, it’s now more of a grown up food 😊


 We have started on 3 tbsp per 1 time a day for a 2 weeks. Then we started on 2 meals a day for a week. In week 3 I started to give Chloe her meal fallowed by desert (4tbsp of vegetables, 3tbsp of the desert). 

 Again it’s pretty impossible to find any information about what you should do. I decided to fallow a meal plan from my baby cooking book (which I very much recommend) and monitor how much Chloe wanted to eat.


 Again it’s not very clear. Some information says that you should start introducing free flow baby cup and give water. Other say that baby gets enough water from the breast milk. Ideal solution seems like giving milk in the cup 😁. Seems like a bit of water won’t do any harm. Just remember that water needs to boiled and cooled. 

 It is very confusing if you are a new parent to know what is the best way to wean baby but it is so so so much fun and I am enjoying it so much ! 


I go out all the time, mostly for a walk, baby classes or a coffee, but  also (once in a while) to shopping centres, to see some of my working friends for lunch ect. Up until now I was very limited in places I could go to because I didn’t want to take Chloe on the tube (I thought she was to small for this). Somehow train or a bus seemed much more “safe” for a tiny baby. You know less people, being able to open a window etc πŸ™‚ 

Now at just over 4 months I decided that we will go to west end to see my friends and do some proper shopping. Because I was up from 6:30am (yes Chloe still things it’s a great time to start playingπŸ˜„) it meant that I could get going by 9am , get to the west end , do some shopping, see friends and get back home before it gets too busy. We have had a lovely day :me because I have seen my friends and did some shopping (I love shopping!); Chloe because she loves looking at everything + I didn’t make her have her naps πŸ˜€ (I will prabably pay for it later) .

 Only problem I had is :  stairs ! why is there so many steps everywhere??!!! Don’t they realise how heavy prams are??!! Shouldn’t we have by now better acces to public transport ?  

 Oh and not being able to carry shopping with the pram, and needing to think about getting back home. This has seriously limited my shopping (thank god for that πŸ˜ƒ) 


Plan your lunch or your shopping around baby.  I always make sure that I have a good plan πŸ˜ƒ shipping is fun but your baby routine and happiness is more important.

1. I leave the house when it’s Chloes nap time. Why? So she sleeps on the journey. I usually wak for 10 minutes before getting on the train which gives enough time in the pram for Chloe to fall asleep. If I travel by car then she would sleep in the car seat as soon as  we set off.

2. Plan your lunch or shopping around your baby. I always have lunch when Chloe is due a feed or I make sure that I am in the shop which has a parents room so I can easily feed her. 

3. Baby needs some fun even when shopping (I don’t think that at this stage they understand that shopping is a great fun). I always give Chloe brake from the pram. Usually while I have lunch I would get her out of the pram and let her stand, seat, bite or wherever she wants to do. It means that while we are in the shop she doesn’t mind being in the pram.  And she loves seeing what’s happening around her ! 

4. Consider time at which you will be shopping. There is nothing worst than trying to shop and push your pram in a busy shop! Early mornings are the best, being a mum means that we need to get up at ridiculous time in the morning (night more like it) anyway so this shouldn’t be difficult. 

5. Make sure you visit more than only baby shops 😊