I go out all the time, mostly for a walk, baby classes or a coffee, but  also (once in a while) to shopping centres, to see some of my working friends for lunch ect. Up until now I was very limited in places I could go to because I didn’t want to take Chloe on the tube (I thought she was to small for this). Somehow train or a bus seemed much more “safe” for a tiny baby. You know less people, being able to open a window etc πŸ™‚ 

Now at just over 4 months I decided that we will go to west end to see my friends and do some proper shopping. Because I was up from 6:30am (yes Chloe still things it’s a great time to start playingπŸ˜„) it meant that I could get going by 9am , get to the west end , do some shopping, see friends and get back home before it gets too busy. We have had a lovely day :me because I have seen my friends and did some shopping (I love shopping!); Chloe because she loves looking at everything + I didn’t make her have her naps πŸ˜€ (I will prabably pay for it later) .

 Only problem I had is :  stairs ! why is there so many steps everywhere??!!! Don’t they realise how heavy prams are??!! Shouldn’t we have by now better acces to public transport ?  

 Oh and not being able to carry shopping with the pram, and needing to think about getting back home. This has seriously limited my shopping (thank god for that πŸ˜ƒ) 


Plan your lunch or your shopping around baby.  I always make sure that I have a good plan πŸ˜ƒ shipping is fun but your baby routine and happiness is more important.

1. I leave the house when it’s Chloes nap time. Why? So she sleeps on the journey. I usually wak for 10 minutes before getting on the train which gives enough time in the pram for Chloe to fall asleep. If I travel by car then she would sleep in the car seat as soon as  we set off.

2. Plan your lunch or shopping around your baby. I always have lunch when Chloe is due a feed or I make sure that I am in the shop which has a parents room so I can easily feed her. 

3. Baby needs some fun even when shopping (I don’t think that at this stage they understand that shopping is a great fun). I always give Chloe brake from the pram. Usually while I have lunch I would get her out of the pram and let her stand, seat, bite or wherever she wants to do. It means that while we are in the shop she doesn’t mind being in the pram.  And she loves seeing what’s happening around her ! 

4. Consider time at which you will be shopping. There is nothing worst than trying to shop and push your pram in a busy shop! Early mornings are the best, being a mum means that we need to get up at ridiculous time in the morning (night more like it) anyway so this shouldn’t be difficult. 

5. Make sure you visit more than only baby shops 😊