YES I AM MRS PERFECT and it bothers you because?

 I am one of the people who keeps my house very tidy at all the time (only exception is when 8 babies with their mums invade my house for a “baby party”) who has a make up on when I leave the house, who never leaves house in tracksuit bottoms, whos baby pram is clean, who goes out a lot with her baby, who cooks, cleans ect. 

 I am not saying it to show off … I am saying it it because for some reason it pisses off lots of people. Why would it bother you? It doesn’t bother me if you don’t do any of those things ! 

 What you need to realise is that it is a hard work to do all of it when you have a little babie ! When you sit and watch your TV  while drinking coffee I am already making breakfast, having shower and getting dress. When your baby is napping and you are resting or trying to catch up on your sleep, I most of the time are cooking, cleaning, washing, having shower ect. And yes I do have a bad days as all of us do but I make sure that they happen very rarely. 

 I don’t judge anyone for having messy house, not doing make up or not having perfect hair. I don’t pass any sarcastic or nasty comments, so you keep yours to yourself ! 

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