Vegetables with rice


– 1 broccoli (I used frozen)

– 1 small sweet potatoe

– handful of young broad beans (I used frozen)

– 60g of peas

– vegetable stock (around 100ml but it depends what consistency you want)

–  100g of rice


Steam sweet potato an broccoli for 8min.

Then add peas and beans for another 5 minutes.

While steaming vegetables cook your rice and prepare the vegetable stock.

Because my princess is still at the stage 2 of weaning I blend all of the ingediance (except the rice). Add vegetable stock while doing so, if you want it more runny add more, if you want it to be quite thick add less.

Once blended add rice, and it’s ready to serve. You can ado add cooked chicken in to it.

DESSERT : Yogurt and blueberries pancakes


– yogurt 200ml

– flower

– 1 tsp baking powder

– 150g blueberries


Comine all of the ingrediants together except blueberries. Mix until smooth then add blueberries.

  Fry for a minute or two (until golden)  on each side. Great as a snack or when introducing finger food.

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