In my opinion you should start introducing finger foods few weeks after starting to wean your baby. 

On the very beginning whatever you give should be very soft :

– cooked carrot sticks

– toast 

– very small baby corn crisps (one from 6months)

– Cooked Apple cut in to sticks or Banana

– cooked sweet potato cut in to stripes

– rice cakes (one from 6months) 

Once you established good feeding routine at 7months you should be introducing texture to your baby food and so much more finger food. 

 I introduced texture to Chloes food by adding very small baby pasta or couscous to all of her meals. I would cook her normal meal, make it in to a poore and then add the texture. Also adding meat makes the food more textured when blended. For a desert I would start chopping fruits in to a very small squares and give it to Chloe instead of blended fruits. Good ideas when starting is to add some cooked apple cut in to a tiny squares in to a yogurt, or add some cut fruits in to a poored ones – banana is ideal. 

From 7 months you can start giving so much more finger foods (I started earlier as Chloe was a perfect eater and we started weaning much earlier) 

 – Corn snacks (very big selection)

– Biscuits (baby ones, remember that they are high in sugar) 

– Cooked vegetables – pretty much all of them- perfect one being broccoli, carrot, cauliflower.

– pancakes with banana or cooked apple are a perfect snack. 

– sliced soft fruits : Bannana, Peach, Kiwi, Strawberry 

– cucumber 

 From 8 months I became brave enough to introduce smaller vegetables and fruits like 

– sweetcorn

– peas

– blueberries 

And letting Chloe feed herself, which also helps with developing motor skills of picking small objects and putting them in to a mouth. 

 I also started giving her a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables :

– Pineapples 

– Mango

– Melon

– Pepper 

– courgette (cooked)

– breadsticks 


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