Yummy mummy to be 😊

IMG_6971 Yummy mummy to be 😊
I mentioned before that I decided to prove wrong everyone who told me that I can’t be fashionable with my baby bump ! And I did😊 I have been posting selfies of me while pregnant 8-9 months pregnant to prove it. I will attache some of those .
A lot of maternity clothes are …. Well how to put it …. Awful!!! But it’s slowly changing as retailer starts to understand that we want to look good !!! Really good one for maternity fashion is ASOS . Sometimes quality may not be the best but choice is great and it’s very current !!! H&M does some nice pieces. I personally didn’t find anything in Topshop which was very disappointing as I have had a very high hopes.
I did end up buying normal clothes in bigger size. This came handy after my gorgeous baby was born as I didn’t (still don’t) fit in any of my old clothes 😊 Only maternity clothes I bought was some dresses, tops(by the end when my bump was pretty big) & denims ( tried few company’s but H&M is definitely the best and most comfortable one). I also ended up wearing lots of my old clothes like Blazers, Jumpers etc.





You went through 9 months of being the happiest and the most beautiful woman in the world (thats me 🙂 )or the most miserable and fat (I know that there is a lot of us who don’t enjoy it) and hearing :
– your life will be over once you have a baby
– get all of the sleep you can now as you wont sleep from now on
– you wont be looking that pretty once the baby comes (no time to do hair and put your make up on)
– you wont be able to go out
– You wont be able to dress in all of those nice clothes, tracuit and hoodie will be your chosen outfit once baby comes.
Question I wanted to scream was WHY ANYONE HAS BABIES ???? If its that bad why anyone decydies to have one ???!!!!