Your baby’s brain will grow with your ❀️ !

Who doesn’t like to cuddle theirs baby? It’s the best thing in the world!❀️ I love getting up to Chloe chatting waiting ready in the cot to give me lots of cuddles, Chloe wanting her mummy cuddles when she isn’t 100%, cuddling up every evening to have her story … And much more. 

Now Mummy’s cuddles has been prescribed by a doctor ! There is now an extra reason to do it, or a reason to do it even more often (which your baby/child might not appreciate πŸ˜‚) !!! 

Meningitis B Vaccination … Yes or No?Β 

 It has been very loud recently about the Meningitis B vaccination. As you all heard (or not) in UK from the 1st of September 2015 all babies are receiving the Meningitis B vaccination. UK is the first country to roll it out to all babies being born. This news is great but what about all of the babies born after 1st of May 2015 who are not entitled to it ? 

 If you don’t know much about Meningitis B this is some general information available on NHS website:

Meningococcal group B bacteria is a serious cause of life-threatening infections, including meningitis and blood poisoning, worldwide and the leading infectious killer of babies and young children in the UK.

There are 12 known groups of meningococcal bacteria, and group B (Men B) is responsible for about 90% of meningococcal infections in the UK.

Meningococcal infections tend to come in bursts. In the past 20 years, between 500 and 1,700 people every year, mainly babies and young children, have suffered from Men B disease, with around 1 in 10 dying from the infection. Many of those who survive suffer terrible permanent disability, such as amputation, brain damage and epilepsy.

  Once I found out that Chloe won’t qualify to get the vaccination on NHS me and my husband decided that we will do it privately. Somehow though life got in the way … We tried to book an appointment and were placed on a waiting list… Then when we finally managed to get one we had to cancel it due to holidays …. And then with busy lives we forgot about it…

 Untill recently when a very sad story came out about a 2 year old little girl called Faye Burdett who lost her battle with Meningitis (rest in peace little angel). This story has shocked everyone and sent parents in to a panic to get their kids vaccinated. I was one of those parents, I just couldn’t risk it even if the chances of getting this awful disease are small. I must say that after the story has broken out it became almost impossible to get the vaccination ! There is a national shortage of the vaccination and most of the clinics have a very long waiting list with no date of when the vaccine will be awailable (hopefully in the summer). We were lucky to get it but it was expensive. What is very sad to see is all of the private clinics making a fortune from petrified parents. The vaccination costs Β£75 but most private clinics charge now Β£200 upwards!!!! This makes my blood boil!!!

 So what is your opinion dear parent? Would you pay for the Vaccination though in theory the chances of your child getting it are 4 in 100,000? Or do you think that we all got in to a silly panic after the case of poor little Feya? 

 There is right now a big debate going in parliament about introducing this vaccination to older children after a petition to the government was signed by over 800,000 people and became the most signed petition ever …. Let’s see what will be the outcome of it. 
You can reed more about Meningitis B on 

Bilingual babies ! When and how to introduce more than one language ?Β 

Bilingual babies …. 

I am polish mum living in UK with my English husband. It was very important to me to make sure that my baby girl speaks polish as well as she does english. I was researching a lot about the best way to bring up a child in bilingual family.

 There are two very different opinions when it comes to when and how to teach your child second language. 

 1. You shouldn’t introduce second language until your child is 3 years old. It believes that doing it any earlier confuses the child and delays their speech development. 

2. That you should introduce both (or more) languages from the very beginning.

 Me and my husband have chosen to listen to the second method. From the first day that Chloe was born I have spoken to her in Polish and my Husband in English. 

 I must say that I am glad that we decided to do this. At 16 months Chloe understands pretty much everything that you ask her to do … both in Polish and English. Chloe can say lots of words in both of the languages as well. We can clearly see that she says much more English words  around 20 compared to only 10 in polish; this is due to the fact that she is surrounded 70% of the time by english language (at the nursery, when she is being looked after by grandparents and when her dad talks to her). This doesn’t bother me at all… 

  I find it incredible that she can say so many words let alone being able to say it in two languages and being able to clearly understands English and Polish !!!! 

 We have had an amazing example of kids being bilingual at a very young age. Our friends have a 3 years old daughter who speaks 3 languages!!!! No they are not one of the pushy parents 😁 Mum is from Colubmia so she speaks Spanish, Dad is from  Holland and speaks dutch, they communicate between each other in English and obviously they live in England so theirs daughter goes to the nursery in here. It’s amazing how at only 3 years old she knows who to speak to in which language and can switch between them easily in a split second ! 

 Key is to make sure that you speak to your child in this same language at all the time (that’s why I speak to Chloe only in Polish and my husband in English). You need to talk, sing, play and reed in this language as each of those actions helps your child develop their speach in different ways. 

 If you have any experience or opinion please share ! 

Christmas decorations out ! Babies stay away ! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

 Christmas is just around the corner! Yes it is and yes I know it’s so hard to believe! Christmas is a very special and magical time of the year …. It becomes even more incredible and special once you have the baby….and a bit more hectic and difficult …. and a bit more dangerous … and a bit more stressful!!!!

 Chloe was only 2 months old when she celebrated her first Christmas and she could not have been less bothered by it; now she is a very curious and WALKING baby (still can’t bring myself to call her a toddler) and that means a very different Christmas for us😊

 I started thinking about what I will need to do differently this time not to make my house a health and safety hazard ! 

 You see I love Christmas decorations! Usually we have them everywhere ! Big Christmas tree, Reindeers and Santa on the floor, Christmas cloths on the tables, lights everywhere and pretty much the whole house gets decorated, you get the gist. From now on I will have to do things differently, why? Because I have a walking baby who keeps getting taller every day (I swear that she is able to reach higher and higher every day! ); a baby who chooses to ignore NO whenever she feels like it and a baby who LOVES lights and glitter. 


 I am having a proper, big Christmas tree. I know that a lot of people choose not to have the Christmas tree when they have a baby/toddler or have a tiny tree on top of the highest furniture in the room; not me. 

 I will be putting the Christmas tree up and I will try to decorate it with Chloe ( I might change my mind 10 minutes in to the decorating πŸ˜‚). (It’s all done now. Chloe was helping … to get all of the decorations out of the boxes, but I must say it was lots of fun and I am happy that I have done it with her) 



 I will decorate the tree with bigger decorations only (hooking hazard) and keep the most precious decorations in the box for the next 2 years just in case.(I have ended up putting out all of my decorations, with the most precious ones very high) 

 I will keep the bottom half of the tree (up to where Chloe can reach)  with minimum decorations on, and try to use mostly plastic/wooden decorations.  ( I didn’t manage to have only a few decorations on the bottom of the tree but I made sure there is no glass decorations there . Chloe loves to touch all of her decorations, and Chloe loves talking to them. Very good advice if you have an artificial Christmas tree: hang decorations and then bend the tip of the tree branch, it will stop your baby from pulling all of the decorations. I have also given Chloe a small box of her own plastic decorations which she is allowed to play with, which seems to keep her away from the real deal 😁). 


  The Christmas tree will be attached to the ceiling on a hook by see through cord. This is to make sure that Chloe won’t be able to tip the tree over. That’s exactly what my mum use to do for years (her tree was perfect each year and she had 4 kids) 


 I love table cloths! I would have one on the table all the time; unfortunately they aren’t child-friendly 😁 

 We cannot have a table cloth because Chloe would pull it (with everything that is on it) off the table. This year I will purchase an amazing and over the top table runner and put out some gorgeous placemats to complement the table runner. 

 When it comes to decorating hallway, stairways etc I will do what I normally do which is go crazy and over the top 😊
And it’s all done !!!! 

This is the end result of my weekend filled with decorating


 Fireplace is the perfect home fixture for Christmas decorations and obviously Christmas stockings. But if you don’t have a fireplace (which lets be honest looks amazing but is a hazard with the baby for the first 4 years if not more – yes I am saying it to make myself feel better) like me that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a Christmas stockings. 
 After having Christmas Tree and decorations up for a few days it seems that the novelty wears off. I also think that if you get your little one involved in the process and let them touch all of the decorations he or she will be less tempted to be misbehave (we know that they want what then cannot have 😁). 


  We have also bought Chloe’s own little Christmas tree which she has in her room. We have decorated it together in small plastic decorations which has made the novelty of the Christmas tree even less of : uh what are you ? I want to pull everything off you and eat you and I want all of those shiny things πŸ˜‚ 

 I hope that you will love decorating your house with your baby as much as I did πŸŽ„


Kids Birthday Parties can be fun, yummy and … Heathy ! Yes they can ! There is no need to buy only junk food or to have everything with added sugar.

A few weeks ago I organised Chloe’s 1st birthday party. I wanted a sugar free party, why? Because most of Chloe’s guests were 1 year old or under and because I haven’t given Chloe sugar before. I have gathered lots of different ideas about kids party food from Pinterest and I have  adapted some sugary recipes so that they are sugar free.

This is what I have prepared for the party


Ice Cream Cones dipped in blended blueberry and coconut.  You can make so many different versions of it, depending on the age of the kids.

– chocolate and nuts

– chocolate and coconut

– blueberry and cornflakes

– melted marshmallows


Stuff ice cream cones with any fruits you like. It’s sweet, healthy and it looks great.


All kids love those ! Put them in to cute little cupcake cases to serve.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 20.44.13


 Another fun way to serve fruits. Use a small cookie, flower cutter to use around the kiwi. Top the kiwi with a raspberry and add a leaf of mint to finish it of.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 20.45.33

Strawberry is another great replacement to sweets/cookies. Because of its sweetness and vibrant colour kids (most of the kids) love them.

Dip strawberries in a soft cream and … coconut for a super healthy snack or in dark chocolate and then coconut if your kids are already eating chocolate.

You can also cut strawberry in half and put little dots of soft cream/ chocolate on top to make little ladybirds.



I know that this is a lot of work but I can do once a year for a special occasion. Just make your sandwiches and flatten them,  use biscuit cutter of a desired shape to cut them. Just remember that the sandwich needs to be very simple : soft cheese, cheese or ham are ideal.Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 20.46.23


Kids love blueberries so get some of them on a toothpick, topped with a star cut out of watermelon and you have a magic wand ready. I have used bought toothpicks with gold stars on top of it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 20.43.42


Bannana sugar free muffins are a great alternative to the traditional ones. They have been a hit on all of the babies parties I have been to (you can find the recipe on my blog).


Thermometer … We all have one right? But then your baby comes along and you think that your standard thermometer isn’t good enough, so you go and get a new one …. I ended up getting 4 new thermometers so I dare to call myself an expert now and advise you on what you should and shouldn’t buy! 

1. Forehead Thermometer 

 They use an infrared scanner to measure the temperature of the temporal artery in the forehead.  Don’t waste your money! Those are the most expensive thermometers that you can buy (we bought the Braun Forehead Thermometer at a price of  Β£65) and in my opinion not reliable at all. Temperature readings are affected by everything : cuddling, breastfeeding, your baby doing any sort of physical activity. In the space of one 1 minute you can have 10 different readings. I also have discovered that NHS (National Health  Service) advises against using this type of thermometer as it doesn’t give an accurate reading. 

2. Ear Thermometers 

Ear thermometers use an infrared ray to measure the temperature inside your child’s ear canal. They’re generally quick, safe, and not at all uncomfortable. They can be a little trickier to use than other thermometers, because they have to be inserted exactly right to get an accurate, consistent reading. I found this one to be the best one. It gives, accurate reedings and it’s quick to use. 

3. Digital thermometers 

Those read the temperature in your child’s armpit. They’re easy, convenient, and safe, and recommended to be use by NHS They can be tricky to use as your baby has to keep it under the arm or let you do it for a long enough period of time. 

4.Pacyfier thermometer 

 This is a thermometer placed inside the dummy. This seems like a very convenient option, but the readings are not accurate and the advice is not to use them. 

 Right now I am using an ear thermometer as it gives a quick reading, if the temperatures worries me then I check it with a digital thermometer to double check Chloe’s temperature. 


 Chloe was abroad now 4 times and in 2 days time she will be traveling again.I am Polish and I live in the UK so we go to visit my family in Poland, we also went on our first family holidays to Greece and we are going on our final holidays before I go back to work (we don’t talk or think about that and hope that if we ignore it, it won’t happen).

 I know that a lot of people get scared or overwhelmed when it comes to traveling with little babies… No reason to!

 As far as you are organised and prepared it is not scary or hard, it’s lots of fun! Especially once you get to your holiday destination. Being away with Chloe was the most special time and most fun we have had.

 I decided to write some things which in my opinion you need or should consider based on the advice that I have been given and my own experience.


1. DONT CARE !!!!! 

 This will be the best advice I can give you : stop caring about what other people think !! If your baby screams on the plane (hopefully that will never happen) don’t care about what other people might think! If your baby is loud in the restaurant and you get some looks from other people, just ignore them !!! If your baby cries at night in the hotel do not worry if someone can hear it!!!!  Concentrate on you and your baby! Other people don’t matter and remember that your little baby has every right to make noise, cry, scream or laught out laud … That’s the Baby Human Rights Act πŸ˜‚


Flights are always much cheaper when you fly early in the morning or late in the evening… And you are used to doing it … Don’t! We have had our lesson when we went on holidays and had no choice in flight time. We had to leave the house at 3am !!! So had to get up at 1am to get out in time, and because I was so stressed that we won’t wake up in time I ended up not sleeping at all!!!! Flying back to London at 11at night and getting home at 1:30am isn’t ideal when your baby is up at 5am or 6am.

Babies are adaptable so they will make sure that they sleep if they are tired but if you mess too much with their routine they will let you know and you want to make sure that they are happy when you are on the plane.

You have a baby now so you can’t catch up on your sleep on the plane or when you get home so it’s important that you travel at a normal time :-).


As you already probably know your baby needs to suck something on the take off and when descending so the air pressure doesn’t hurt their ears.

Take off is easy you just give them a dummy or bottle for the first few minutes and it’s done. What I have discovered when traveling is that a lot of babies really cry when the plane is landing. That’s because the plane starts descending quite quickly (it takes around 20 min) if you don’t give your baby something at the beginning of the descent then it’s too late, your baby’s ears started hurting so it doesn’t matter if it has something to suck or not. Make sure you give your baby a dummy as soon as your ears pop for the first time.

Another trick is to put your baby on your legs, face down (so on their belly) and massage their back.

If your baby doesn’t take the dummy make sure that he/she is hungry! There is no point of giving your baby bottle of milk to suck if she/he isn’t hungry.

Don’t bother, you won’t be able to have it πŸ˜‚. If you are flying with a partner /friend and your baby is tiny then you might be lucky as the baby will usually just sleep so you can give it to the dad and enjoy your magazine. If your baby is 6 months or over don’t waste your money. Chloe was climbing over both of us for the whole 3 hours on the plane πŸ˜€.


I am not talking about your holiday entertainment, but your baby’s πŸ˜€.
Make sure that you have things with you which will keep your baby entertained and distracted. There are some good baby apps which will entertain even very small babies, bring theirs toys, a book. I find that snacks work perfectly! Chloe loves her food and snacking can keep her very happy for quite a while.



The harsh truth is that you won’t be able to take your usual 20 pairs of shoes πŸ˜€ the good news is that baby clothes are small so there will be some space left for your clothesπŸ˜€

Pack anything that you think you will need, it is always better to take more than not enough.

My main advice will be to pack your baby clothes (or half of them) in to a hand luggage. I say that in case your luggage goes missing (it doesn’t happen often but is better to be safe than sorry) at least you have your baby stuff and your make-up (that always needs to be in the hand luggage)  with you.

Keep your hand luggage to a minimum. I would advise to take 2 big suitcases and only one hand luggage. Recently we took one big suitcase and then had : 1 small suitcase, 1 bag, a pram, a changing bag, my handbag  and Chloe (my husband hated every minute of it)…. It was a nightmare. This time we will have my very big handbag which will double as a changing bag, and one small suitcase.



Nowadays this isn’t a problem. You can either take your milk (if you are bottle feeding) or your baby food (if your baby is weaning but not big enough to eat normal food) with you! Or just buy while on holidays (make sure that your holiday destination has a shop which sells baby food) You can take it on the plane with you without any problems (the 100ml rule doesn’t apply to baby milk/food).

I have previously bought meals for the whole holidays with us (lunch and dinner main course & dessert) my advice is just make sure that it’s the pouches not jars that you buy (if you get jars it will weigh a ton πŸ˜€) . I have also bought food while on holidays, it does depend on where you are going and if you know the country/trust the food brands.


If your baby is very small (couple of months old) they don’t really have a routine yet and they sleep a lot which means that you don’t have to worry about it. Good thing about them being very small is that they will happily sleep everywhere; you can enjoy your dinner at any time with your baby sleeping in the pram next to you.

If your baby is over 3/4 months old she/he probably has a routine (meal time, nap times, bed time routine). In my opinion you should stick to your routine , maybe bend it a little bit when it comes to bed time but try and follow it. The reason to try and stick to your routine is simple : it took you a long time to get your baby in to a good routine, if you won’t stick to it for a few days/week+ you will have to start setting up your routine again. Also remember that if your baby is out of its routine it will change the way she/he behaves and that can affect your holidays.

If you go anywhere with a time difference of an hour, two or three ahead, that works perfectly for you. That means that you can stick to your bed routine and still have nice long evenings. When we went to Greece which is 2 hours ahead of UK time we had a great time and didn’t have to do anything about Chloe’s routine. We stick to our UK time routine so our usual 6pm dinner became 8pm , bed time went from 19:30 to 21:30 which was great. When we went to Poland which is only an hour ahead we had stick to the day routine but pushed the bed time by an hour (which luckily didn’t affect Chloe in any way).

I am not saying that you cannot go out in the evening or enjoy your holidays, you can, just make sure that you consider your baby’s needs. If your baby is a good sleeper and would sleep while you are out in the restaurant then that’s perfect just let them sleep in the restaurant and then quietly move to the cot when you are back at the hotel.

 Tomorrow we are going to Portugal, there is no time difference so our plan is the every second night we will get Chloe to go to sleep in the pram so we can be out a little bit later than 7:30 pm πŸ˜€. That would mean that every other night she will go to sleep in the cot and that should keep her routine of going to sleep. 


Bring your baby’s sleeping comfort item (if they have any) and toys with you. Chloe loves hotels as its a new environment to explore. In my opinion you only need to make sure that they feel secure when going to bed. I don’t carry a travel cot with us instead I have a portable mattress which I put over the cot base and use our fitted sheets. I bring Chloe’s sleeping bag and her comfort blanket which smell of her home/bed and she never has any problems sleeping.


I won’t be going over the usual stuff, as you all know all of it already. I will go through some which might not be that obvious and I found that its good to have them with you.

  • Thermometer (just in case… that should take some of the stress away if your baby isn’t well and you can check one of the most important things which is the body temperature).
  • Calpol (or any other pain relief) in case of teething, fever or anything else. I always have with me the small sachets of Calpol.
  • Teething medicines (whatever it is thats works for you baby).
  • Heat rash medicine (if you go to a hot country, as baby’s skin after few days might struggle to cope with the heat).
  • Few spare dummies if you use them (trust me they go missing so quickly its crazy).


My gorgeous girl is now 10 months old. I remember how exciting I got when I was decorating her room… And crazy buying all of those things that you see in the shops, all of those things that you see on the nursery photos on the internet and in the magazines. The reason why I write it is because lots of those things shouldn’t be used in a baby room!!! As Chloe was growing and changing I was finding out more about having baby, her needs, dos and donts and I discovered that I had to remove lots of things out of her room as they were /are dangerous.

Some examples:

– Cot bumper

 I was shopping for one for months ! This was such a key accessory in the room, it had to be perfect ! What I discovered is that you shouldn’t use them when baby is little because there is a link between using it and cot death. As they grow a bit bigger it’s dangerous as they start pulling it up, looking underneath it etc. I know that because as soon as I moved Chloe in to her cot at 6months (with the bumpers on) she was pulling it in all directions, getting her head undernight it … I had to remove the bumper straight away.

 Cot bar bumpers are a good solutions for babies over 6 months (not recommend before that) as they can’t be pulled off/up.You can also buy breathing cot bumpers. 

– Cot conopy

 Bought one to go over the cot … Was going for the cute, soft, princess look … Turns out as soon as they can grab things and reach with theirs arms it’s a very big risk … Which doesn’t go away till they are 2 years old ?3 years old?. I had removed my one before Chloe was born and decided to use it later. Recently I used it to create cosy reading corner ….

Uuhhhhgggg bad decision , 9 months old baby will be just pulling it, getting it round herself … which is very dangerous. So I just got rid of it for good.

Duvet covers

 You look at the huge choice of the cutest duvet covers you have seen and you are trying to find one which will compliment your baby’s nursery …. Babies aren’t allowed to sleep under the duve until 1 year old (or even older) because it’s a suffocating risk. 

Accesories to go in to the cot . 

Again you never see just plain cot in the display; it’s always dressed up and finished with cute cushions and cuddly toys. The only but is … Your baby shouldn’t have anything in the cot until they are older because it’s a risk. And it is better to be safe than sorry in my opinion. 

SAFE DOESNT MEAN BORING OR UGLY!   There is so much you can do to make the baby room look great but safe as well. It will also save you lots of money which is handy when you need to buy everything at once ! 

 Instead of buying duve covers just invest in a statement fitted sheets, you can buy pretty printed ones or bold colour ones; baby’s fitted sheets don’t have to (shouldn’t) be white. This is an example of one of Chloe’s fitted sheets.   

You can find very good selection in Mamas & Papas, Marks & Spencer, Nubie.

 Instead of Conopy you can just go for a some sort of statement pice hanging over the cot or on the wall above the cot. 

– Very popular are Pom poms which come in lots of different colours and textures (paper and tulle). This is an example from Chloe’s room of tulle pom poms which I hanged over her reading/play corner. 

– You can get an amazing letters and spell baby name on the wall above the cot.  The choice of letteres is very big so you will definitely find something that you like. If not you can even design your own one.

– go with a bold print wallpaper, if you opt for this option you won’t need much more that that, as you need to keep the rest of the room quite simple to make the wallpaper stand out. 

– if you not in to the wallpapers or you just not brave enough, the great option is wall stickers. Again there is a very big selection of stickers so you should be able to find something to fit your scheme/taste. 


– or you could just paint something yourself? πŸ˜€

 And then there is an option of just adding lots of Accesories like curtains, ruggs, toys, pictures which can transform a plain room in to a very special nursery. 

 Do you have any good designer tips? Or want to share your baby’s room photos ? Please feel free to comment / post! Have a wonderful day x


 I love sugar and anything that is sweet … It takes a lot of will power not to eat chocolate all day long every day. 

 I assumed that baby food, especially the one labeled : heathy, organic, no preservatives added  will have no sugar or just minimal amount of it … NEVER assume  anything ! I couldn’t be more wrong ! 

 I was shocked to see baby food from 4 months old having over 20g of sugar per 100g. What was even more shocking is that things which shouldn’t have any sugar had lots of it !  

 Don’t get me wrong I am all for healthy but balanced diet, I give my baby, baby biscuits but I don’t want my baby to be consuming lots of sugar especially not when she is so small ! Also giving then sugar make the weaning and feeding so much more difficult because they refuse to eat things which are not sweet!  

 I started to check labels very carefully and found product which are nice but don’t have lots of sugar which I will share. Oh and just to clarify product is high in sugar when it has 20g or more of sugar per 100g.


 There is a very small selection of cereals that don’t have lots of sugar in it, and only handful of cereals that have little or non sugar. My recommendation will be those 2 :

– Organix Multigrain Porridge (only 2g of sugar per 100g)

– Organic Mutligrain Mini Puffs (only 1g of sugar per 100g). I use the puffs to add to other porridges for the texture. I usually mix it with whatever porridge I make, especially with the flavoured ones. It’s great when you start to introduce texture to your baby’s food. 


– Good flavoured porridge is by Ella’s Kitchen (11.7g of sugar per 100g). I usually make it with multigrain mini creel puffs. 

– Organix Cereal Bannan & Rospberry (12g of sugar per 100g and believe me this is the smalles amount of sugar that I could find in the stage 3 cereals)

Bad boys:

– Cow&Gate Fruity Porridge – 40g of sugar per 100g !!!!!!! This should be illegal!


Rice cakes.

 It’s a great snack for babies from quite an early age (I have Chloe her first one at 5,5 months). They not high in sugar but even in this one snac the sugar level waries depending on the flavour (those are the Organix rice cakes) : 
– Apple rice cakes -14g 

– Berry rice cake – 10g

– Banana rice cake – 9,7g

– Strawberry rice cake – 6,7g 


 Biscuits naturally have much more sugar than any other snack, but again I thought that because they are for babies the sugar level would be reduced …. Not always the case. There are healthier options like:

-Ella’s Kitchen Apple & Ginger biscuits 16,5g

-Ella’s Kitchen Milk and Vanilla biscuits 16,1g

-Ella’s Kitchen Hello-Copter Oat and spelt cookies 13,4g 

A bit less healthier but not too bad :

– Heinz Biscotties Banana 22g

– Heinz Biscotties Apple 20g

– Heinz Biscotties Mango 22g

 All of the others I found had 28g of sugar and above which is very very high so should be a treat from time to time only. 


– Organix  Crunchy Sweetcorn Rings 3,5g

–  Ella’s Kitchen Melty Puffs Tomatoes & Leek 0,5g ( the Strawberry and Bannan flavour already has 7,4g which is a lot). 

– Ella’s Kitchen Lentil and carrot sticks  0,7g

– Ella’s Kitchen Cheese and Lentil Crunchy Wheels 0,2g

– Kiddylicious Blueberry Wafers 9,6g

– Kiddylicious Cheese flying Saucers 0,5g

Bad boys:

– Kiddylicious Passion Fruit and Peach Yoghurt Melts 45g

– most of the frut snacks like Bear Fruit Paws are high in sugar with 40g and more in 100g

– Organix Goodies Fruit Gummies Strawberry has 67g of sugar !!!!!!!!!

 I could probably write a book about contest of sugar in baby food … Don’t want to bore everyone so the only thing I will say is check the back of the package for information ! Don’t be influenced by the colour of the package, marketing etc…. And remember that fruit and vegetables are always best option sometimes just not practical πŸ˜€

 What is you experience, opinion? Do you have know of a yummy and healthy snacks/foods? 


In my opinion you should start introducing finger foods few weeks after starting to wean your baby. 

On the very beginning whatever you give should be very soft :

– cooked carrot sticks

– toast 

– very small baby corn crisps (one from 6months)

– Cooked Apple cut in to sticks or Banana

– cooked sweet potato cut in to stripes

– rice cakes (one from 6months) 

Once you established good feeding routine at 7months you should be introducing texture to your baby food and so much more finger food. 

 I introduced texture to Chloes food by adding very small baby pasta or couscous to all of her meals. I would cook her normal meal, make it in to a poore and then add the texture. Also adding meat makes the food more textured when blended. For a desert I would start chopping fruits in to a very small squares and give it to Chloe instead of blended fruits. Good ideas when starting is to add some cooked apple cut in to a tiny squares in to a yogurt, or add some cut fruits in to a poored ones – banana is ideal. 

From 7 months you can start giving so much more finger foods (I started earlier as Chloe was a perfect eater and we started weaning much earlier) 

 – Corn snacks (very big selection)

– Biscuits (baby ones, remember that they are high in sugar) 

– Cooked vegetables – pretty much all of them- perfect one being broccoli, carrot, cauliflower.

– pancakes with banana or cooked apple are a perfect snack. 

– sliced soft fruits : Bannana, Peach, Kiwi, Strawberry 

– cucumber 

 From 8 months I became brave enough to introduce smaller vegetables and fruits like 

– sweetcorn

– peas

– blueberries 

And letting Chloe feed herself, which also helps with developing motor skills of picking small objects and putting them in to a mouth. 

 I also started giving her a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables :

– Pineapples 

– Mango

– Melon

– Pepper 

– courgette (cooked)

– breadsticks