My gorgeous girl is now 10 months old. I remember how exciting I got when I was decorating her room… And crazy buying all of those things that you see in the shops, all of those things that you see on the nursery photos on the internet and in the magazines. The reason why I write it is because lots of those things shouldn’t be used in a baby room!!! As Chloe was growing and changing I was finding out more about having baby, her needs, dos and donts and I discovered that I had to remove lots of things out of her room as they were /are dangerous.

Some examples:

– Cot bumper

 I was shopping for one for months ! This was such a key accessory in the room, it had to be perfect ! What I discovered is that you shouldn’t use them when baby is little because there is a link between using it and cot death. As they grow a bit bigger it’s dangerous as they start pulling it up, looking underneath it etc. I know that because as soon as I moved Chloe in to her cot at 6months (with the bumpers on) she was pulling it in all directions, getting her head undernight it … I had to remove the bumper straight away.

 Cot bar bumpers are a good solutions for babies over 6 months (not recommend before that) as they can’t be pulled off/up.You can also buy breathing cot bumpers. 

– Cot conopy

 Bought one to go over the cot … Was going for the cute, soft, princess look … Turns out as soon as they can grab things and reach with theirs arms it’s a very big risk … Which doesn’t go away till they are 2 years old ?3 years old?. I had removed my one before Chloe was born and decided to use it later. Recently I used it to create cosy reading corner ….

Uuhhhhgggg bad decision , 9 months old baby will be just pulling it, getting it round herself … which is very dangerous. So I just got rid of it for good.

Duvet covers

 You look at the huge choice of the cutest duvet covers you have seen and you are trying to find one which will compliment your baby’s nursery …. Babies aren’t allowed to sleep under the duve until 1 year old (or even older) because it’s a suffocating risk. 

Accesories to go in to the cot . 

Again you never see just plain cot in the display; it’s always dressed up and finished with cute cushions and cuddly toys. The only but is … Your baby shouldn’t have anything in the cot until they are older because it’s a risk. And it is better to be safe than sorry in my opinion. 

SAFE DOESNT MEAN BORING OR UGLY!   There is so much you can do to make the baby room look great but safe as well. It will also save you lots of money which is handy when you need to buy everything at once ! 

 Instead of buying duve covers just invest in a statement fitted sheets, you can buy pretty printed ones or bold colour ones; baby’s fitted sheets don’t have to (shouldn’t) be white. This is an example of one of Chloe’s fitted sheets.   

You can find very good selection in Mamas & Papas, Marks & Spencer, Nubie.

 Instead of Conopy you can just go for a some sort of statement pice hanging over the cot or on the wall above the cot. 

– Very popular are Pom poms which come in lots of different colours and textures (paper and tulle). This is an example from Chloe’s room of tulle pom poms which I hanged over her reading/play corner. 

– You can get an amazing letters and spell baby name on the wall above the cot.  The choice of letteres is very big so you will definitely find something that you like. If not you can even design your own one.

– go with a bold print wallpaper, if you opt for this option you won’t need much more that that, as you need to keep the rest of the room quite simple to make the wallpaper stand out. 

– if you not in to the wallpapers or you just not brave enough, the great option is wall stickers. Again there is a very big selection of stickers so you should be able to find something to fit your scheme/taste. 


– or you could just paint something yourself? 😀

 And then there is an option of just adding lots of Accesories like curtains, ruggs, toys, pictures which can transform a plain room in to a very special nursery. 

 Do you have any good designer tips? Or want to share your baby’s room photos ? Please feel free to comment / post! Have a wonderful day x