Thermometer … We all have one right? But then your baby comes along and you think that your standard thermometer isn’t good enough, so you go and get a new one …. I ended up getting 4 new thermometers so I dare to call myself an expert now and advise you on what you should and shouldn’t buy! 

1. Forehead Thermometer 

 They use an infrared scanner to measure the temperature of the temporal artery in the forehead.  Don’t waste your money! Those are the most expensive thermometers that you can buy (we bought the Braun Forehead Thermometer at a price of  £65) and in my opinion not reliable at all. Temperature readings are affected by everything : cuddling, breastfeeding, your baby doing any sort of physical activity. In the space of one 1 minute you can have 10 different readings. I also have discovered that NHS (National Health  Service) advises against using this type of thermometer as it doesn’t give an accurate reading. 

2. Ear Thermometers 

Ear thermometers use an infrared ray to measure the temperature inside your child’s ear canal. They’re generally quick, safe, and not at all uncomfortable. They can be a little trickier to use than other thermometers, because they have to be inserted exactly right to get an accurate, consistent reading. I found this one to be the best one. It gives, accurate reedings and it’s quick to use. 

3. Digital thermometers 

Those read the temperature in your child’s armpit. They’re easy, convenient, and safe, and recommended to be use by NHS They can be tricky to use as your baby has to keep it under the arm or let you do it for a long enough period of time. 

4.Pacyfier thermometer 

 This is a thermometer placed inside the dummy. This seems like a very convenient option, but the readings are not accurate and the advice is not to use them. 

 Right now I am using an ear thermometer as it gives a quick reading, if the temperatures worries me then I check it with a digital thermometer to double check Chloe’s temperature.