I love sugar and anything that is sweet … It takes a lot of will power not to eat chocolate all day long every day. 

 I assumed that baby food, especially the one labeled : heathy, organic, no preservatives added  will have no sugar or just minimal amount of it … NEVER assume  anything ! I couldn’t be more wrong ! 

 I was shocked to see baby food from 4 months old having over 20g of sugar per 100g. What was even more shocking is that things which shouldn’t have any sugar had lots of it !  

 Don’t get me wrong I am all for healthy but balanced diet, I give my baby, baby biscuits but I don’t want my baby to be consuming lots of sugar especially not when she is so small ! Also giving then sugar make the weaning and feeding so much more difficult because they refuse to eat things which are not sweet!  

 I started to check labels very carefully and found product which are nice but don’t have lots of sugar which I will share. Oh and just to clarify product is high in sugar when it has 20g or more of sugar per 100g.


 There is a very small selection of cereals that don’t have lots of sugar in it, and only handful of cereals that have little or non sugar. My recommendation will be those 2 :

– Organix Multigrain Porridge (only 2g of sugar per 100g)

– Organic Mutligrain Mini Puffs (only 1g of sugar per 100g). I use the puffs to add to other porridges for the texture. I usually mix it with whatever porridge I make, especially with the flavoured ones. It’s great when you start to introduce texture to your baby’s food. 


– Good flavoured porridge is by Ella’s Kitchen (11.7g of sugar per 100g). I usually make it with multigrain mini creel puffs. 

– Organix Cereal Bannan & Rospberry (12g of sugar per 100g and believe me this is the smalles amount of sugar that I could find in the stage 3 cereals)

Bad boys:

– Cow&Gate Fruity Porridge – 40g of sugar per 100g !!!!!!! This should be illegal!


Rice cakes.

 It’s a great snack for babies from quite an early age (I have Chloe her first one at 5,5 months). They not high in sugar but even in this one snac the sugar level waries depending on the flavour (those are the Organix rice cakes) : 
– Apple rice cakes -14g 

– Berry rice cake – 10g

– Banana rice cake – 9,7g

– Strawberry rice cake – 6,7g 


 Biscuits naturally have much more sugar than any other snack, but again I thought that because they are for babies the sugar level would be reduced …. Not always the case. There are healthier options like:

-Ella’s Kitchen Apple & Ginger biscuits 16,5g

-Ella’s Kitchen Milk and Vanilla biscuits 16,1g

-Ella’s Kitchen Hello-Copter Oat and spelt cookies 13,4g 

A bit less healthier but not too bad :

– Heinz Biscotties Banana 22g

– Heinz Biscotties Apple 20g

– Heinz Biscotties Mango 22g

 All of the others I found had 28g of sugar and above which is very very high so should be a treat from time to time only. 


– Organix  Crunchy Sweetcorn Rings 3,5g

–  Ella’s Kitchen Melty Puffs Tomatoes & Leek 0,5g ( the Strawberry and Bannan flavour already has 7,4g which is a lot). 

– Ella’s Kitchen Lentil and carrot sticks  0,7g

– Ella’s Kitchen Cheese and Lentil Crunchy Wheels 0,2g

– Kiddylicious Blueberry Wafers 9,6g

– Kiddylicious Cheese flying Saucers 0,5g

Bad boys:

– Kiddylicious Passion Fruit and Peach Yoghurt Melts 45g

– most of the frut snacks like Bear Fruit Paws are high in sugar with 40g and more in 100g

– Organix Goodies Fruit Gummies Strawberry has 67g of sugar !!!!!!!!!

 I could probably write a book about contest of sugar in baby food … Don’t want to bore everyone so the only thing I will say is check the back of the package for information ! Don’t be influenced by the colour of the package, marketing etc…. And remember that fruit and vegetables are always best option sometimes just not practical 😀

 What is you experience, opinion? Do you have know of a yummy and healthy snacks/foods? 

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  1. When my son was little I found the best invention ever a ‘fresh food feeder’ (basically a mesh bag that has a handle) you put your fruit or veg inside and the little one can suck on the fruit or veg without any worry that your little one will choke on any bits 🙂 it was a god send!

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