I AM SO HAPPY, SO PROUD AND SO EMOTIONAL at this same time. My little baby girl at the age of 9 months and 28 days started walking !!!!!   

She did 1 or 2 steps before but today she just started walking !!!! It’s amazing how something just clicks in baby brain and they just start doing things! Chloe for a while now was walking with the walker, while holding to both of my hands and recently only one hand. She was also standing on her own for 3 seconds but as soon as she realised that no one was holding her/she wasn’t holding anything, she would sit down.  And then yesterday she started standing, just like that as if she always did it… Then today she just started walking …. It amazes me how it just happens …. I am such a proud mummy now. 

2 thoughts on “OMG IT HAS HAPPENED !!!!!

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