VTech baby crawl and learn ball 

 One of the best toys that Chloe has is VTech crawl and learn ball! Chloe got this toy when she was 3 months old, and from the very beginning she loved it. 

 This ball has everything going for it:

– music and lots of different noises which baby of any age loves.

– lights which entertain baby from a very young age .

– buttons to press, little ribbons to pull etc 

– teaches your baby about basic numbers, colours and animals.

– rolls on its own encouraging crawling.

– lots of different melodies and sayings.

 This ball helped us with tummy time when Chloe was little. You know how hard it is to keep your little one lying on the belly for longer than a minute or if you are lucky few minutes. This ball was keeping Chloe entertained during her tummy time for up to 15 minutes. There is lots of lights and pictures on it and with the movement it was mesmerising for Chloe

 Then came the crawling time. I must say this is where the ball really came in to action. Because by that time Chloe loved to play with it whenever the ball would roll away from her she would try to get to it …. And she would try very hard…. Once crawling started, she would be chasing the ball all the time… 

 I would recommend buying it. You will see how much fun your baby will have with it. 

COATS TIME !!!!!!!!

I have already showed you a small winter coat collection few weeks ago. Now that Autumn is definitely here and shops are now full of the coats I decided to pick what I think is the best out there. I would advise you to buy your baby writer coat now that you have the biggest and best choice; as they do sell very quickly, especially the really nice one.

The choice is very big in styles and colours. When it comes to the baby coat/jacket you can go for whatever you like as they will look super cute in everything!

Small selection from Next (www.next.com)

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Those beauties are from ZARA :

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This very cute and smart selection is from  Monsoon (www.monsoon.co.uk)9061221957662 9061222219806

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H&M also have some amazing coats, like those :

hmprod-2 hmprod-3

hmprod-4 hmprod-5


Lindex also have some really nice coats like those :

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S0000007201011_F_W22_20141203093338 S0000007279794_F_W22_20150715162511


  Mamas and Papas has teamed up with Loberty London to design this amazing collection! Prints designed by Liberty are amazing and combined with the stylish designs that Mamas and Papas are known for, they have created gorgeous collection. Collection includes clothes (really really cute one),Pram Accesories and some really cute things for your baby’s nursery. This is just a fraction of the collection to see more go to http://www.mamasandpapas.com

There are also some rather gorgeous pieces for your baby’s nursery :

( Rocking Horse £130 ,Cotbed Quilt £99, Moses Basket £120) 
  You can also inject Libertys amazing prints to your pram or baby room ! 

(Liberty Collaboration Cold Weather Plus Footmuff £100. Parka tote £119)

 This is a little bit more expensive collection with prices starting at £8 for a bib, resses averaging £40 going up to £130. 

 I am in love with some of those pieces especially clothes! Pram collection is not my cup of tea but I am sure that some of you will love it. I would advise to get your hands on it quickly as I don’t think that it will be in the stores for much longer! 

Have an amazing day ! 




As we all know beetroot is full of goodies and vitamins. What makes beetroot perfect for baby is sweetness of this fab vegetable!

Ingredients :

– 200g of beetroot (cooked or raw)

– 1 small carrot

– 100g of sweet potatoes

– 100g of leek

– 100g of chicken/turkey breast

– parsley

– 500ml of chicken stock (one with no salt)

– couscous/rice optional

– 1 tbs of lemon juice

Cooking method :

Grate beetroot on a small grater. If you are using cooked beetroot leave it on the side until later, if you are using raw beetroot add it in to cooking with the rest of the vegetables.

Cut all vegetables and chicken in cubes, if your baby eats solid foods cut all vegetables in to small pieces which the baby can eat.

Put all in to the cooking pan with chicken stock, bring to boil and simmer for around 30 min (until vegetables are soft). Add. The lemon juice and :

Option 1: just serve

Option 2: blend all and serve

Option 3: blend all and add couscous or rice

BATH SEAT – get one ! 

It’s challenging and emotions when your baby have outgrown the baby bath and you need to move to this big, scary bath. Once you think that you got a hang of bathing in the big bath, get confident and start thinking that this is easy … Your baby learns how to sit …. And doesn’t want to lay … But can’t sit that well yet or crawl …. This is quite difficult isn’t it ? 

 That’s when one of my mum friends told me abut bath seat …. What a brilliant invetion ! It’s great we have used it for around 3 months and it made bath time stress free and so much more fun because we could play in the bath instead of me just holding Chloe all the time. 

 I would definitely recommend getting one! 




Ingredients – 1 courgette

– 50ml of single cream

– 1 small chicken breast (cooked)

– 2 tsp of Parmesan

– 1 tsp of basil (chopped)

– 50g of baby pasta

Cooking method:

Grate you courgette.

Cut you cooked chicken in to a very small cubes (I have just friend the chicken breast in a little bit of olive oil). 

Cook your pasta according to cooking instructions.

Fry courgette in a little bit of olive oil for about 5 minutes (until it softens)  

add cream and basil and cook for around 3 minutes. If needs add a little bit of water to the sauce. Add pasta then Parmesan and it’s ready to eat !  

If your baby is still not eating solids you can blend all of it or blend everything except pasta. Good thing about this recipe is that you can make it in to a grown up version by just adding salt and pepper in to it to season! Hope that you and your baby will enjoy it !