As we all know beetroot is full of goodies and vitamins. What makes beetroot perfect for baby is sweetness of this fab vegetable!

Ingredients :

– 200g of beetroot (cooked or raw)

– 1 small carrot

– 100g of sweet potatoes

– 100g of leek

– 100g of chicken/turkey breast

– parsley

– 500ml of chicken stock (one with no salt)

– couscous/rice optional

– 1 tbs of lemon juice

Cooking method :

Grate beetroot on a small grater. If you are using cooked beetroot leave it on the side until later, if you are using raw beetroot add it in to cooking with the rest of the vegetables.

Cut all vegetables and chicken in cubes, if your baby eats solid foods cut all vegetables in to small pieces which the baby can eat.

Put all in to the cooking pan with chicken stock, bring to boil and simmer for around 30 min (until vegetables are soft). Add. The lemon juice and :

Option 1: just serve

Option 2: blend all and serve

Option 3: blend all and add couscous or rice

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