VTech baby crawl and learn ball 

 One of the best toys that Chloe has is VTech crawl and learn ball! Chloe got this toy when she was 3 months old, and from the very beginning she loved it. 

 This ball has everything going for it:

– music and lots of different noises which baby of any age loves.

– lights which entertain baby from a very young age .

– buttons to press, little ribbons to pull etc 

– teaches your baby about basic numbers, colours and animals.

– rolls on its own encouraging crawling.

– lots of different melodies and sayings.

 This ball helped us with tummy time when Chloe was little. You know how hard it is to keep your little one lying on the belly for longer than a minute or if you are lucky few minutes. This ball was keeping Chloe entertained during her tummy time for up to 15 minutes. There is lots of lights and pictures on it and with the movement it was mesmerising for Chloe

 Then came the crawling time. I must say this is where the ball really came in to action. Because by that time Chloe loved to play with it whenever the ball would roll away from her she would try to get to it …. And she would try very hard…. Once crawling started, she would be chasing the ball all the time… 

 I would recommend buying it. You will see how much fun your baby will have with it.