Why are people so miserable ??? !!! 

Holidays …. One of the happiest times of the year, Yes??!! Doesn’t look like it. 

We are right now on our family holidays, having the times of our lives. We are in 30C, ☀️, gorgeous hotel, spending our days playing on the beach with Chloe, eating amazing food ….. And we are surrounded by miserable people !! I swear that I see more happy people in the rush hour on London’s tube !!!! 

What is even worse is how miserable and rude people are !!!! I know that people laugh how polite English people are …. but there is such a thing as basic manners ! If someone lets you go first you say thank you !!! Especially when it is a pregnant woman carrying a toddler in her arms !!!!!! You don’t bloody push !!! You queue if you see people queue !!!! 

What is wrong with people ????!!!!!! 

How can you not be happy and friendly in such a  gorgeous place ???!!! 

I honestly don’t understand it ….. 

Toddler Traveling guide ☀️🌴☀️🌴☀️🌴☀️🌴☀️🌴☀️🌴☀️🌴☀️🌴

Time for another holidays special post. I have written one of these last year about traveling with a baby. This is an updated version and angled more towards holidays with a little toddler. We are going on holidays YUPPIE ! In a few hours time I will be on a beach in glorious Cypriot sun TRYING to get some rest😁. 

It can be quite overwhelming to pack for holidays with the little one; it can be quite tempting to just pack everything which might result in you needing much more than the allocated 20 kg. These are some tips on what you have to take and what is good to have based on all my traveling experience. 


1. 50 UVA & UVB sun cream – ideally waterproof.

2. SunHat – just make sure that the shade from the hat covers your baby’s neck. More than one is advisable as they get covered in sand and ice cream surprisingly quickly. 

3. Swimsuits – UVB protected ones are the best as you know that they are protecting your precious toddler on top of the sun cream. 

4. Swimming nappies – lots of them 😊

5. Antihistamine – If you are going to a hot country your baby/child can get a heat rash. Aloe vera cream will help with a mild rash, cooling affected area, and wearing loose cotton clothing. If those things don’t work it is good to have Antihistamine Syrup. 

6. Hydrocortisone Cream – another thing which is handy to have just in case. If the heat rash isn’t going anywhere after using antihistamine syrup then this mixed with lotion will. 

7. Nurofen / Calpol – or any other pain / fever relief that you are using. You never know when you might need it. I never leave the house without a bottle in the changing bag. 

8. Thermometer – a must-have when traveling with a child. We travel quite frequently and I must say I always end up using it. Last thing you want is your baby feeing hot and you not being able to check if they have a temperature or what the temperature is. 

9. Nappy bags – at home we use a nappy bin so I never remember to take nappy bags or to refill them in my changing bag. Last thing you want when you are relaxing in your lovely hotel room is the smell of a stinky nappy !!!

10. Beach shoes – let’s remember that our precious babies feet skin is very delicate (not like ours, which requires lots of work to be smooth for a week or so) ; and that they are much more sensitive to temperature. 

11. Sunglasses – yes they do look really cute in them but it is more about protecting their eyes than a fashion statement 😊. 

12. Bag full of surprises – are you flying ? Is the fight quite long? Be prepared with lots of little things ready to distract your toddler. I have been very lucky as Chloe is quite good at flying; but I am still always prepared. New book which she hasn’t seen before, crayons, stickers, favourite toy, snacks etc. This will make sure that you can keep your baby entertained … You know how quickly they can get bored! 

13. Dummy – or bottle/food if you don’t approve of dummies. This is to make sure that your child’s sucks on something at the take off of the plane and when plane starts to descend. Make sure to have something ready to prevent pain in your cute one ears.  
1. Towel Poncho – kids don’t like to sit in one place, wrapped up in towel waiting to dry and warm up a bit. This is the perfect solution, they are covered, warm and can run around. 

2. UVB beach tent – this is very good and much more practical than trying to keep your monster under an umbrella. Chloe loves playing in her one.

3. Formula – this obviously is only if your child still has morning and evening milk. Reason why I suggest to buy it is because kids react differently to cows milk in other countries. When we went to Poland to visit my family Chloe got diahorrea from the milk (on which I was brought up and was totally fine with).   

4. Favourite food – I always take Chloe’s favourite snacks just in case she gets a bit funny with her eating. New place, new environment, new people, new routine … It can really confuse baby/child which in turn can affect their eating. 

5. Wet wipes – lots and lots of them. I swear you go through them at the speed of light! 

6. Favourite bed time book and favourite toy – It all helps child adapt quicker to the new surroundings and makes us feel safer.

7. Travel cot mattress – With all of the suitcases that I have when traveling with Chloe, all the hand luggage needed and pram I have opted for not owning a travel cot. Instead I have a travel cot mattress which you put over the cot. I obviously always bring our own, fitted sheet for the cot as well. That way I don’t have to carry the travel cot, and I have peace of mind that Chloe’s sleeping environment is safe. 
8. Swimming costume – you will need more that one. You will have to change your toddler in to a dry swimming suit after the get out of water. This will prevent them getting cold and getting a heat rash. 
9. iPhone / iPad – with favourite cartoon. I am against giving those to kids but let’s be honest there are situations when all rules go out of the window and you will do anything to stop your child screaming 
Hope that this little guide will help you pack useful things on top of all of the clothes and nappies required 😁 

Oh and if anyone has invented something to prevent your toddler from eating the sand please share !!! 😂

TIPS FOR HOLIDAYS WITH A BABY 🌴☀️🌴😊🌴😊🌴😊🌴😊🌴☀️🌴☀️🌴

Going on holidays with a baby is not an easy task, doing it for the first time is quite overwhelming! Here are some lessons learned by myself after our first holidays in a hot country. 


Babies very often get heat rush so it’s best to be prepared. Take creams good for heat rush and ideally speak to your GP about it (ask for medication incase your babie gets it). Chloe get it half way through our holidays, lucky it didn’t bother her and she was her happy self.


They do look good but aren’t much use, especially with very little babies. I ended up having Chloe mostly only in her nappy, or in a sun protecting swimwear. I would advise to buy lots of pretty panties  instead 😁


 Yes Tent😁 I didn’t realise that I needed one till a very last minute. I was talking to my husband about  how nice it would be to take Chloe to the beach when he asked me if she will lay under a umbrella? Of course that the answer is no ! Then I started panicking : where will she play, sit, hide from the sun? Lucky I discovered those foldable baby tents! I would definitely recommend getting one as it was great through the holiday! Chloe was using it a lot. 


 Get something to prevent your baby getting bitten, and something just incase a mosquito manages to get a taste of your baby.


 Can’t live without wet wipes… It’s shocking how many packed I have used on our holidays! Take lots ! 


 What a great invention ! You can get small fans which attach to a pram (or anything else) it will keep your baby cool.


 You always think about taking baby toys with you … But what is your baby going to play on ?  Take a small play mat, it doesn’t really take any space but it comes very handy. 


 I have packed a whole suitcase of clothes for Chloe…. And she didn’t wear half of it.  She has spent most of the time in a pretty nickers as it was too hot to wear anything. She wore lots of jumpsuits (on a very thin stripes) or very summery dresses. I found that T-shits are way too much in a hot country. 

Hope that this will help you with getting ready for your holidays! ☀️🌴☀️🌴☀️🌴☀️

Been quiet for a reason 

I AM IN GREECE ON HOLIDAYS !!! 🌴☀️🌴☀️I think that’s pretty good reason as to why I was quiet for a bit 😁

 For the past 5 days I been having well deserved holidays in an amazing hotel in Greece with my amazing husband and Chloe. 

I didn’t really have time to post anything in a buildup to it as I was crazy busy prepping for it. Discovering week before the actual holidays that I need so many things which I didn’t even known that existed ! Every single time I ordered something/ bought something I would think of/see something that I needed. Going on a beach holiday with a small baby for the first time turns up quite difficult. You can’t just pack a bikini and some clothes (ok it’s never just some clothes, it’s a lot of clothes and carefully thought through outfits). You need to think about things like: where will the baby be while you are on your sunlounge (no it won’t be tanning next to you), what will she eat? What will keep her entertained etc etc etc  but I will write later about my experience with what to take and what not to. 

So far we are having a fabulous time and I can say it’s the best holidays I have had ! 



After months of planing and exchanging millions of emails Chloe’s christening is just behind the corner😊 We got to Poland yesterday, mostly without any problems. We have few days to spend time with my family or shall I say for them to spend time with Chloe. 

I have managed to leave Chloe today with my Husband twice !!! I have done it only once before so it was a big deal. Got my hair done so I look fab for Chloe’s big day, and have visited a dentist which is the worst possible reason to leave your baby! 

We have seen the venue today for the first time  ( except seeing it 100 times on the Internet). Spoken to the manager about all details to make sure it all goes perfect. Now we just have to wait for the cake and to decorate the venue but that’s on the actual day. The big day is on Sunday and I am so so so excited! 

I will be updating you on how it goes and be posting lots of photos afterwards!