After months of planing and exchanging millions of emails Chloe’s christening is just behind the corneršŸ˜Š We got to Poland yesterday, mostly without any problems. We have few days to spend time with my family or shall I say for them to spend time with Chloe. 

I have managed to leave Chloe today with my Husband twice !!! I have done it only once before so it was a big deal. Got my hair done so I look fab for Chloe’s big day, and have visited a dentist which is the worst possible reason to leave your baby! 

We have seen the venue today for the first time  ( except seeing it 100 times on the Internet). Spoken to the manager about all details to make sure it all goes perfect. Now we just have to wait for the cake and to decorate the venue but that’s on the actual day. The big day is on Sunday and I am so so so excited! 

I will be updating you on how it goes and be posting lots of photos afterwards! 

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