Been quiet for a reason 

I AM IN GREECE ON HOLIDAYS !!! 🌴☀️🌴☀️I think that’s pretty good reason as to why I was quiet for a bit 😁

 For the past 5 days I been having well deserved holidays in an amazing hotel in Greece with my amazing husband and Chloe. 

I didn’t really have time to post anything in a buildup to it as I was crazy busy prepping for it. Discovering week before the actual holidays that I need so many things which I didn’t even known that existed ! Every single time I ordered something/ bought something I would think of/see something that I needed. Going on a beach holiday with a small baby for the first time turns up quite difficult. You can’t just pack a bikini and some clothes (ok it’s never just some clothes, it’s a lot of clothes and carefully thought through outfits). You need to think about things like: where will the baby be while you are on your sunlounge (no it won’t be tanning next to you), what will she eat? What will keep her entertained etc etc etc  but I will write later about my experience with what to take and what not to. 

So far we are having a fabulous time and I can say it’s the best holidays I have had ! 


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