Excitment / nightmare of buying a pram! 

Buying a pram was the most exciting bit straight after decorating Chloe’s nursery. Prams are not cheap so there is a lot of pressure to make sure that you pick up the best pram; pram which will be good for new born but also for toddler, practical but good looking, have all of the gadgets but will be simple and quick to use. 

There is a lots of things that everyone tell you too look at, there is also lots of things that no one tells you about, things that you find out about as you start using your pram – I wish I knew about those.

Obvious things to consider while buying pram

– Do you want a travel system or just a pram (travel system seems to be better value for money).

– The size of the pram. Will it fit in to you boot??!! This is an important one as prams are not small. 

– How easy is it to fold. This is important but in my opinion it isn’t a deal breaker. They all are more or less easy to fold, some are just super easy to fold or foldable with one hand. 

– How & where will you be using your pram. In my opinion it’s important only from the size point of view ( if you use it a lot in the city (tube,bus) you want it to be quite compact).  I would advise to look more at the suspension; It doesn’t matter where you are, you want it to be smooth to ride and to be able to cope with uneven surface (you have city pavements which are worst than off road paths in the countryside).   

Things I wish I have know before buying my pram:

– Hood wchih goes all the way down is the best. You use it when baby wants to sleep, so you don’t have to buy sleepshade. You also us it when it is sunny ( normal hood doesn’t protect properly from the sun and baby very often is exposed to it). That saves you money which you would have to spent on an pram umbrella (which btw isn’t very good).

– Big basket isn’t necessary (I use my one only for small things) but one which has a cover is very very good and handy ( whatever you store there is protected from dust and mud & people can’t see what you have in it).

– Height of baby when in the pram, you don’t want your baby to by too low or too high .

– How long will you be using this pram. If you are planning on having 2nd baby close to your nr1 then you should look at prams which will be able to acomodate it. 

– Look at what is included in the price of the pram and what do you need to buy separately.

MOST OF ALL PICK THE ONE THAT YOU LOVE. All of the above are important but you do have to love the way it looks !! This is not negotiable! 

What is good about some of the most popular brands :


PROS – nice colours, very big hood, shopping basket with cover.

CONS – quite flimsy, placement of break, baby seat and carry cot a bit low. 

I Candy :

PROS: nice colours, height of child is perfect, great if you want to use with more than one baby, very solid. 

CONS: expensive, you need to buy a lot of things seperatly, quite big. 

Silver Cross :

PROS – small, perfect height of child’s seat, lots of things included in the price.

CONS: colours could be much nicer, good doesn’t go low enough. 
When it comes to buying your pram its good to ask for opinion of others, compare them, see reviews ect but what is the most important is to make sure that you buy the pram that you love ! If you go for one which meant to be the best but you don’t love it you will regreat it trust me 😊

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