To the woman who got angry because I had to stop to pick up Chloe’s rabbit off the floor and it delayed her by 5 seconds. To the man who was getting very impatient because I had too many things that had to go through the X-ray screening at the airport and it took me 2 minutes longer than other people. To the guy who was giving me disapproving looks because my daughter was singing too loudly. To the countless people who chose not to hold any of the many doors for my husband who was carrying several bags as well as my daughter. To the woman who felt the need to say stuff under her nose because our 2 year-old daughter wouldn’t stay without moving in the queue for 20 min. To the old guy who was looking disapprovingly at my daughter because she accidentally got under his feet JUST CHILL OUT, SLOW DOWN AND STOP BEING SO MISERABLE!! I know that we all have10000000 things to do and have to get to lots of different places, and that’s ok as far as this doesn’t make you a horrible person and you don’t forget to be nice to others ! Life is too short to be so inconsiderate, miserable and horrible. JUST BE HAPPY !!! 


As our baby grows and develops so has to our imagination to create great games. It’s natural to want to check that our precious baby develops “right”, does the “right” thing at the right time (I must stress in here that each child develops at its own pace and does things at its own time!!! ; Look at Chloe walking at 9 months but still only 2 teeth at 14 months😂) 

 When Chloe was around 6 months old I started looking for help/inspiration on how I should play with her. We had our games but there is just so much you can play the same repertoire over and over again! I wanted our games to be fun but also to support Chloe’s development. 

 I came across an App called Baby Sparks and I have been using it ever since! I love this app and would recommend it to everyone. 

What I love about it?

– It has a month-by-month Baby development guide. This has helped me to understand baby development and what I should expect to happen in the near future. 

– Daily program. This is full of activities for the day. Those change constantly so your play time is never boring. What is great is that all of the activities are divided in to groups : 

* Gross motor skills

* Fine motor skills

* Cognitive

* Speech 

* Sensory

* Self Care

* Emotional 

 You can choose what part of your child development you want to concentrate on and practise that day. 

 Main purpose is to help your child develop but it’s done in a very fun way! It keeps your days versatile and your play time interesting. 

–  Another great feature is the ability to brows the activities by: Category, Place, Milestone.  You don’t have to stick to the daily plan you can just freestyle 😊

 You can also mark activities as: Completed, Favorite and Archive. 

 The App is available for different ages. It’s not a free app but it’s not expensive; at £3.99 in my opinion it is worth every penny! 

Photos of few examples of the exercises in the app. Each of the exercises also has a video showing how to do it. 



 I love the cake smashing photos of babies covered in cake, icing and chocolate ! I also like the idea of giving then some sugar for the first time and capturing theirs reaction on the camera. What I don’t like is the though of all of the sugar that they will eat!  That’s why I decided to make my own cake and get a “healthy balance” between sugar and healthy cake. I decided to make a bannana cake and cover it in normal icing. That way Chloe wouldn’t have that much sugar and icing would give her a taste of the forbidden thing.  

 Cake came up very tasty but I must admit bcause of the texture it’s not the best one for smashing…. Especially if your baby doesn’t like to get dirty …. 

 I was expecting Chloe to go gravy for the icing and the cake … But she didn’t ! She wasn’t too bothered about it (which outside of the photoshot is a good thing) and it took us a long time to try and get her a bit messy. I had to get pretty messy myself trying to I courage my daughter to play with the cake … That’s how uninterested she was about it! 

 Considering the amount of cake they actually eat (which isn’t a lot) and the texture needed for a good smas cake session I would recommend to make a normal sponge cake just with less sugar. 

 Below recipes for the healthy cake and obviously some photos of Chloe.



Ingredients for the cake :

– 5 ripen bananas

– 1 1/2 cup flower (you can use white flower or whole grain 

– 3/4 cup Apple juice with no added sugar)

– 3 tsp vanilla extract

– 1 tsp cinnamon 

– 2 egg whites – bitten 

– 50g of fondant icing of a desired colour(if using)

Ingredients for the icing: 

– 250g icing sugar

– 125g soft butter

– 1 or 2 tbsp of milk

– 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

– food colouring (if using)
Cooking method: 

 Preheat your oven to 180C. 

 Mash your bananas (I blend them for the creamy texture) 

 Combine all of your ingredients (except egg white) together until smooth. Beat eggs white until quite stiff and fold in very carefully. Pour your mixture on to your forms which has been sprayed lightly with cooking pray. I have used 2 forms for the big cupcake cake and filled then half full, but you can use 2 small round baking tins (depends on what cake you want to make) 

 Put the cake in to the oven and bake for 25 minutes. 

 Prepare your icing my mixing your butter with half of the sugar, then add the rest of the ingredients and combine it well. If you are using food colouring add at the end. 

 When your cake is cooked, cool it and then start decorating. 

I went for the cupcake cake. I have used fondant icing on the bottom of the cake and butter icing on the top of it.

 If you are using fondant icing you will need to put a very thin layer of butter icing on the cake first so that the fondant icing sticks to the cake. A good tip when rolling out your icing : use a little bit of corn flower it will stop the icing from sticking to the worktop. 

 I have used a thin layer or butter icing to keep both of the cakes together ; it acts as a very good and tasty glue 😊. If you want to use something healthier soft cheese will do exactly this same job. 

 At the end I have decorated the top of the cake with turquoise butter icing. I was very pleased with the result …. Not so much Chloe 😂 


 It has happened Chloe has turned 1 today! I cannot believe that my little princess is already 1 year old! Where did the time go ??!! When did the year go by ?? Yes in the past year I have been constantly tired, haven’t had many good nights of sleep and have been worrying all the time  about everything. But it has been the most amazing, wonderful year filled with happiness and so much love that I found it overwhelming!!!! Chloe has come in to this world at the saddes time of my life and made me the happiest person on the planet !! Every day I would look at her cute little face, see her gorgeous smile and I would feel so happy, blessed and loved (even in the middle of the night after being up for 18 hours). 
 Chloe turning 1 was very emotional, a chapter of my and Chloe’s life has been closed! She officially isn’t a baby anymore …. She is a toddler! 

 Happy birthday my little princess! Thank you for being such an amazing baby and making me and Daddy so happy ! 


 More about Chloe’s actual birthday and her parties in few days time!