I am becoming an emotional wreck! Last week I was emotional because my little baby somehow overnight has changed in to a big baby (I still cannot bring myself to call her a toddler!). This week I am a total emotional mess because it is my last week of maternity leave which means settling sessions at the nursery and trying to stop ignoring the fact that I am going back to work on Monday ! 

 I just have left Chloe at the nursery on her own for longer than 15 minutes (we started settling in session last week but I was there with her having fun and only left the room for 15 minutes). I have left her doing her first ever painting, seeing her at the table with the apron on starting to do her painting …. I got so emotional that I almost burst out crying ! 

Today was only to hours which Chloe apparently really enjoyed; tomorrow I will have to leave her from 9am till 2 pm …. How will I do that??? … This whole experience is so emotional and stressful! 


 It has happened Chloe has turned 1 today! I cannot believe that my little princess is already 1 year old! Where did the time go ??!! When did the year go by ?? Yes in the past year I have been constantly tired, haven’t had many good nights of sleep and have been worrying all the time  about everything. But it has been the most amazing, wonderful year filled with happiness and so much love that I found it overwhelming!!!! Chloe has come in to this world at the saddes time of my life and made me the happiest person on the planet !! Every day I would look at her cute little face, see her gorgeous smile and I would feel so happy, blessed and loved (even in the middle of the night after being up for 18 hours). 
 Chloe turning 1 was very emotional, a chapter of my and Chloe’s life has been closed! She officially isn’t a baby anymore …. She is a toddler! 

 Happy birthday my little princess! Thank you for being such an amazing baby and making me and Daddy so happy ! 


 More about Chloe’s actual birthday and her parties in few days time!