As our baby grows and develops so has to our imagination to create great games. It’s natural to want to check that our precious baby develops “right”, does the “right” thing at the right time (I must stress in here that each child develops at its own pace and does things at its own time!!! ; Look at Chloe walking at 9 months but still only 2 teeth at 14 months😂) 

 When Chloe was around 6 months old I started looking for help/inspiration on how I should play with her. We had our games but there is just so much you can play the same repertoire over and over again! I wanted our games to be fun but also to support Chloe’s development. 

 I came across an App called Baby Sparks and I have been using it ever since! I love this app and would recommend it to everyone. 

What I love about it?

– It has a month-by-month Baby development guide. This has helped me to understand baby development and what I should expect to happen in the near future. 

– Daily program. This is full of activities for the day. Those change constantly so your play time is never boring. What is great is that all of the activities are divided in to groups : 

* Gross motor skills

* Fine motor skills

* Cognitive

* Speech 

* Sensory

* Self Care

* Emotional 

 You can choose what part of your child development you want to concentrate on and practise that day. 

 Main purpose is to help your child develop but it’s done in a very fun way! It keeps your days versatile and your play time interesting. 

–  Another great feature is the ability to brows the activities by: Category, Place, Milestone.  You don’t have to stick to the daily plan you can just freestyle 😊

 You can also mark activities as: Completed, Favorite and Archive. 

 The App is available for different ages. It’s not a free app but it’s not expensive; at £3.99 in my opinion it is worth every penny! 

Photos of few examples of the exercises in the app. Each of the exercises also has a video showing how to do it.