APPLES IN PANCAKE BUTTER  This is another great idea for a healthy snack/dessert. It’s very tasty and so quick to make. You can also make lots of them and keep in the freezer! 


– 1 glass of flour 

– 1/2 glass of milk 

– 1 egg

– 2 big apples 

– 1 tsp vanilla extract 

– 1/2 tsp baking powder 

– 1/4 tsp cynamon

– A little bit coconut oil 

  Mix all ingredients together until you have nice and creamy mixture. You want it to be quite thick so it sticks to the apples easily. Peal apples and remove the middle of it. Slice them in to 1/2 cm rings. Deep in to the mixture and fry in coconut oil until golden (around 1 minute). 

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