TODAY WE ARE WEARING : H&M lace cardigan and jeggings, Marska and  Spencer blouse and Mamas & PAPPAS hair band.  

Today I have made those for the first time. Suitable from around 9 months, makes around 30 balls. Brilliant finger food . 


– 2 carrots 

– 1 courgette 

– 75g butternut squash 

– 1 onion

– 50g parmesan 

– 150g breadcrumbs 

– 1 egg

– a little bit of flower 

 All of the vegetables have to be greater or mixed in food processor. 
 Once that’s done add all of the other ingredients and mix together.

 Form in to small balls (around 30) and coat in flower. 

Fry in the frying pan for 5 minutes on each side. 



Cool outfit for a baby? Go for DENIM! Denim never goes out of fashion (it doesn’t really matter with babies as they grow out of they clothes so quickly) but very often comes back with a big blue bang!  Now is the time to rock it, especial that as a mum (or dad) you will start slowly to shop for autom clothes or as me for clothes for the next 3 months ( yes I need to start preparing wardrobe in size 9-12 months !!!!!! ) .

There are some amazing pieces :

River Island does a lot of cool denim pieces :

In love with this little piece ! Had to get it for Chloe ! 

   ZARA  is doing those dungarees. Pair with any top underneath for the cute little outfit.   
H&M does this dress for £5,99!! You can pair it with a pretty blouse/ top for a cute look or go for cool printed leggings with a edgy top (stripy) for a cool look. And those denims couldn’t be any cuter. 


NEXT went with the denim trend as well producing this really cute skirt and blouse (which Chloe owns now 😁)