Cool outfit for a baby? Go for DENIM! Denim never goes out of fashion (it doesn’t really matter with babies as they grow out of they clothes so quickly) but very often comes back with a big blue bang!  Now is the time to rock it, especial that as a mum (or dad) you will start slowly to shop for autom clothes or as me for clothes for the next 3 months ( yes I need to start preparing wardrobe in size 9-12 months !!!!!! ) .

There are some amazing pieces :

River Island does a lot of cool denim pieces :

In love with this little piece ! Had to get it for Chloe ! 

   ZARA  is doing those dungarees. Pair with any top underneath for the cute little outfit.   
H&M does this dress for £5,99!! You can pair it with a pretty blouse/ top for a cute look or go for cool printed leggings with a edgy top (stripy) for a cool look. And those denims couldn’t be any cuter. 


NEXT went with the denim trend as well producing this really cute skirt and blouse (which Chloe owns now 😁)   

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