This is a slightly adapted recipe by Annabel Karmel which your kids/babies will love!

Ingredients :

– 100g flower

– 300ml milk

– 2 eggs 

– Coconut oil in spray 

Cooking method:

 Whisk everything together until well combined for together. 

 Spray small (15cm) frying pan with coconut oil (you can use butter or any other oil, I use coconut one as it seems to be one of the healthier options, and the spray uses very minimal amount of it) 

and heat it up. Pour around 2 Tbsp of mixture and tilt it from side to side; can’t ok for around a minute. 

 I have made Chloe pancakes with blended blueberries and some with tiny bit of honey. You can serve it really with anything that you want ! Enjoy it !


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