How many toys does your baby have ? 50? 70? 100? How many of those are in the nursery? 10?30? And how many are in your living room ? In my house toys are everywhere , and trust me I am not buying that many toys… I think that they are multiplying at night 😊.  I have pick what I think is the best/ nices/cutest storage out there ! Hope that you can find one that you like ! 

1. Felt Playhouse Toys Storage from Child Home (www.Childhome.com).
2. Felt Toys Storage from Child Home (www.Childhome.com).
 3. Stacking Toy Box – Heart from  Great Little Trading Company (www.gltc.co.uk)

5. l3281_fr

2. Braided Wool Baskets from RH Baby & Child (www.rhbabyandchild.com).


4. Metallic Printed Canvas Storage – Pink  from RH Baby & Child (www.rhbabyandchild.com).


3. Nursery Canvas Storage – Pink Bunny from RH Baby & Child (www.rhbabyandchild.com).


4. Toy Storage Basket from RiceDK from (www.littleyellowbirds.co.uk).

5. Toys Storage “Paper Bag” from Mama Potrafi (MamaPotrafi at http://www.etsy.com).

 6. Toy Storage from H&M (www.hm.co.uk)

hmprod-2 hmprod

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