How many toys does your baby have ? 50? 70? 100? How many of those are in the nursery? 10?30? And how many are in your living room ? In my house toys are everywhere , and trust me I am not buying that many toys… I think that they are multiplying at night 😊.  I have pick what I think is the best/ nices/cutest storage out there ! Hope that you can find one that you like ! 

1. Felt Playhouse Toys Storage from Child Home (www.Childhome.com).
2. Felt Toys Storage from Child Home (www.Childhome.com).
 3. Stacking Toy Box – Heart from  Great Little Trading Company (www.gltc.co.uk)

5. l3281_fr

2. Braided Wool Baskets from RH Baby & Child (www.rhbabyandchild.com).


4. Metallic Printed Canvas Storage – Pink  from RH Baby & Child (www.rhbabyandchild.com).


3. Nursery Canvas Storage – Pink Bunny from RH Baby & Child (www.rhbabyandchild.com).


4. Toy Storage Basket from RiceDK from (www.littleyellowbirds.co.uk).

5. Toys Storage “Paper Bag” from Mama Potrafi (MamaPotrafi at http://www.etsy.com).

 6. Toy Storage from H&M (www.hm.co.uk)

hmprod-2 hmprod

SIT ME UP COSY ….  no thanks :-)

I remember looking at it and thinking it’s brilliant ! So we bought it without thinking any more about it.

Turns out it’s not as brilliant as it seemed:

1. The lying position isn’t too good, Chloe would stay in it for 5 minutes and then cry … Looking at it I don’t think that she was comfortable in it.

2. Making it in to a siting upport was another great feature – or that’s what I thought…. When baby needs support when sitting it’s because it goes to the side, fills backwards or forwards …. So having support only on the back doesn’t make any sense.

So we didn’t really use it … Until Chloe was around 4-5 months and when she started learning to sit on her own. I used to put her right inside it and I must say it was great as I could go and do things while she was safety siting secured from every angle.

IMG_1501 IMG_1892

Would I recommend it? Not for what it’s designed for, but I got my money’s worth of it by using it a baby sit guard …