SIT ME UP COSY ….  no thanks :-)

I remember looking at it and thinking it’s brilliant ! So we bought it without thinking any more about it.

Turns out it’s not as brilliant as it seemed:

1. The lying position isn’t too good, Chloe would stay in it for 5 minutes and then cry … Looking at it I don’t think that she was comfortable in it.

2. Making it in to a siting upport was another great feature – or that’s what I thought…. When baby needs support when sitting it’s because it goes to the side, fills backwards or forwards …. So having support only on the back doesn’t make any sense.

So we didn’t really use it … Until Chloe was around 4-5 months and when she started learning to sit on her own. I used to put her right inside it and I must say it was great as I could go and do things while she was safety siting secured from every angle.

IMG_1501 IMG_1892

Would I recommend it? Not for what it’s designed for, but I got my money’s worth of it by using it a baby sit guard …


 I must say before I got pregnant I didn’t know that nappy bins existed 😂 I have to say they are briliant ! I will advance everyone to get one ! They are handy, look good and what’s the most important  locks all of the smelly smells away !   You can gret one in white, pink or blue ! 

I have the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System – Pink. It individually seals each nappy away in seconds offering anti-bacterial protection from germs and odours. 


Baby changing bag … We have there everything don’t we ? They weight a tone and there is so many things which we apparently need to carry in it and lots of “must have” gadgets without which we shouldn’t leave the house. I will tell you what in my experience you need and which gadgets I found very good!

1. Portable changing mat.
I have to admit that I got one as a present on my baby shower. I opened it and started saying how nice it is and pretty etc…. then had to ask … eeehhh and what is it??? I didn’t know that you can get or need a portable changing mat with all of those pockets for nappies and wet wipes. I didn’t even thing about how will I be changing my baby when out and about.
I have to say it was one of the best product ever and I have been using it from day one. I have everything in one place and when Chloe need changing I just take my little bag with me. I recommend very highly to get one of those.
2. Wipes Case.
If you use wet wipes with a standard re-sealable top what you notice is that after having them in your changing bag the top stops sticking (there is just so much a packet of wipes can withstand :-)). Also trying to look for the packet of wipes 100 times a day in a changing bag which has everything is very challenging and frustrating.
 Wipes case is so good. It takes wipes inside and keeps in a light fresh inside a plastic case. It has sliding top so you can easily get to your wipes and it attaches in to your pram/changing bag etc. I have the Skip Hop Swipes Wipes Case.

3. Change of clothes.
Always!!! Baby vomit A LOT, explosive poos leak very often ! Make sure you have it at all the time !! I always had a change of clothes on the beginning and then as the time was passing and Chloe was outgrowing her clothes I just stoped putting a spare one in… then while being on a lovely day out in a British Museum with my 8 months old sweetheart her nappy leaked … leaked a lot!

4. Antibacterial wipes.
I go through so many of them ! From the very beginning I was possessed with bacterial and Chloe not getting any of the gems ! So far with my antibacterial wipes and breastfeeding at 9 Months Chloe still hasn’t been sick .

5. Muslin cloth.
Do not leave the house without one. Its handy when it comes to everything and anything.

6. Antibacterial spray. 
The is this baby friendly spray. Its all natural so you can spray toys, dummy or anything with it and it will kill all of the bacteria without any chemical fast to it. Its 100% natural so its safe for babies. I bought all of the different wipes which were leaving chemical aftertaste, dummy steriliser which was so much hassle to use I have used it only once.

7. Stain Removing Wipes
I discovered those very recently and I must say they are brilliant. Have you got use to being covered in vomit or fingers food stains? or having to throw away brand new cute baby top just because you can’t get this stain off ? With those wipes you can wipe the stain away or make is less offensive.

8. Calpol / Teething medications. 
Those are handy to have especially from around 4 months when lots of babies start testing.

9. Toys
Whatever keeps you baby entertained , whatever your baby likes. Something to distract your baby when it gets bored. I always end up with so many toys !!!!

10. Food 
Spare milk if you bottle feed and once your baby starts weaning food is necessary to have. You never know how long you can end up being out, or if your baby for some reason gets hungry though it shouldn’t (it happens quite often :-)).
Girls anything else you have and cannot live without ?? Anything you don’t agree with ?? How big/heavy is your changing bag ?😂

NURSING CHAIR good buy or waist of money????

When you look at photos of nurseries, or set up rooms in the baby shops they always have nursing chair/ feeding chair.

 This automatically makes you think that you need one … But they aren’t the pretties things and they are very expensive. 

My werdict is that it’s a waste of money. Why? If you fallow the NHS guidance on how to look after your new born it will mean that you will have your baby sleeping next to you in your bedroom. When you get up 10 times in the middle of the night to feed, trust me you don’t pick up your baby then move to sit on the chair, you just do it on your bed (I am breastfeeding so not sure if this same applies to bottle feeding). 

Also at 6 months when you move your baby to its room you don’t feed them that often, and if you are lucky enough your baby will be sleeping through the night all together! 

But when you are a first time mum to be you think that it makes sense so you buy one, so did I. Difference is that I bought a lovely armchair which I will be using for much longer than feeding baby. So my advice is use an armchair/chair which you already have or buy one which you love and can use after in your house! 

What is your experience ? What is your opinion? Please share.