I came across this on the website while looking at different baby stuff (I am addicted to shopping for things for Chloe) and couldn’t believe that someone has came up with such an invention. 


Why cry mini -baby cry analyzer. Apparently this machine will tell you why your baby is crying : is it because they are hungry? bored ? sleepy? unwell? … Really?? 

 I  love gadgets and everything what makes life easier but this one is a step to far in my opinion. Do we really need something to tell us why our baby is crying? Are we really that lazy and in such a rush to get answers that we don’t have the time or patience to learn about our baby? To learn what they sound like when they are hungry  or bored? The first few weeks when you get to know your baby and his/her needs are special and precious …. Isn’t this one of the reasons why we become parent …

 Also is this not dangerous ? Relaying on the machine to tell you what your baby needs ? What if the mashine is wrong ? What if your baby is unwell but the machine tells you that your baby is bored? …

 What is your opinion about it?

Do you have one of those and think that I am wrong ? 

Please share you opinion.  

Have a fab day ! 


Above Us yesterday before it all started …. 

Writing it while laying on the hotel bed in Lisbon, Portugal waiting for Chloe to get up from her morning nap.

 This meant to be the perfect last family holidays before I have to go back to work … Not the first time when Chloe gets sick !!! Yep I was lucky enough not to have Chloe ill until now. 

 She was fine the whole day when we were traveling except a bit of a runny nose, which I blamed on teething !  She went of to sleep without any problem and then at midnight it all kicked off. 

 Chloe woke up screaming  with 39 C fever and such a bad runny nose that she couldn’t breath ! That’s when the panic started building inside me … What if giving Calpol won’t get the temperature down? Should I be asking the hotel for a doctor or an ambulance ?… Why is this temperature not going down (2min after giving calpol) ? … 

 Chloe would be waking up every 10 minutes crying for the next few hours … I think that we managed to settle at around 4am … 

 Luckily I had thermometer , calpol, nose spray and this little funny thing to clean baby nose with me … Or shall I say luckily I had Calpol as the rest wasn’t really helpful to me. You see I have taken the forehead thermometer which as it turns up reeds different temperature every second, Chloe would scream whenever I went enywhere near her with nose “thing” (don’t know how this thing is called)  or the nose spray so I couldn’t use it. 

 After googling baby temperature  on NHS website I found out that you shouldn’t use forehead thermometer on babies as it isn’t accurate (hhhmmmm why do they sell them? Why do they market them for babies?) and that with baby over 6 months I shouldn’t panic yet (easier said that done!). I ended up just giving her lots of breast milk and water to keep her hydrated and Calpol to keep the temperature in control. 

 Luckily Chloe seems very happy this morning with her amazingly good appetite (she loves hotel breakfasts) and so far good morning nap so fingers crossed we went thorough the worst. Now we just need to go to the pharmacy to get more Calpol and old school thermometer 😊


 I must say before I got pregnant I didn’t know that nappy bins existed 😂 I have to say they are briliant ! I will advance everyone to get one ! They are handy, look good and what’s the most important  locks all of the smelly smells away !   You can gret one in white, pink or blue ! 

I have the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System – Pink. It individually seals each nappy away in seconds offering anti-bacterial protection from germs and odours.