I came across this on the website while looking at different baby stuff (I am addicted to shopping for things for Chloe) and couldn’t believe that someone has came up with such an invention. 


Why cry mini -baby cry analyzer. Apparently this machine will tell you why your baby is crying : is it because they are hungry? bored ? sleepy? unwell? … Really?? 

 I  love gadgets and everything what makes life easier but this one is a step to far in my opinion. Do we really need something to tell us why our baby is crying? Are we really that lazy and in such a rush to get answers that we don’t have the time or patience to learn about our baby? To learn what they sound like when they are hungry  or bored? The first few weeks when you get to know your baby and his/her needs are special and precious …. Isn’t this one of the reasons why we become parent …

 Also is this not dangerous ? Relaying on the machine to tell you what your baby needs ? What if the mashine is wrong ? What if your baby is unwell but the machine tells you that your baby is bored? …

 What is your opinion about it?

Do you have one of those and think that I am wrong ? 

Please share you opinion.  

Have a fab day ! 

2 thoughts on “REALLY????BABY CRY ANALYZER ????? 

  1. That’s crazy!!
    I love a gadget, in fact my husband calls me the gadget Queen, but seriously this is ridiculous!! Surely part of the joy of a new born is finding out about them?!?!? I agree it’s also surely dangerous & if your reliant on this machine & the batteries run out would you know what is wrong with baby? xxx

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