NURSING CHAIR good buy or waist of money????

When you look at photos of nurseries, or set up rooms in the baby shops they always have nursing chair/ feeding chair.

 This automatically makes you think that you need one … But they aren’t the pretties things and they are very expensive. 

My werdict is that it’s a waste of money. Why? If you fallow the NHS guidance on how to look after your new born it will mean that you will have your baby sleeping next to you in your bedroom. When you get up 10 times in the middle of the night to feed, trust me you don’t pick up your baby then move to sit on the chair, you just do it on your bed (I am breastfeeding so not sure if this same applies to bottle feeding). 

Also at 6 months when you move your baby to its room you don’t feed them that often, and if you are lucky enough your baby will be sleeping through the night all together! 

But when you are a first time mum to be you think that it makes sense so you buy one, so did I. Difference is that I bought a lovely armchair which I will be using for much longer than feeding baby. So my advice is use an armchair/chair which you already have or buy one which you love and can use after in your house! 

What is your experience ? What is your opinion? Please share.

One thought on “NURSING CHAIR good buy or waist of money????

  1. I had a rocking chair with my first child, and while I sat in it with her and sang songs/rocked, I didn’t use it to nurse. You’re right, we nursed in bed at night and on the couch during the day. I’d like to have a glider & ottoman if we have another baby (we’re ttc), but I know I’ll co-sleep again. 😉

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