Nursery facing closure over photos to reassure parents ….???!!!

This is a story from Good Morning Britain. I would love to hear what is your opinion abut it Mums ???

A nursery school in Kent is facing closure after it was sending photos of children to their worried parents to show that they are happy after they leave.
Cindy Fox, owner of Cherubs nursery in Linton, says she simply wanted to reassure concerned parents but she has been told by education watchdog Ofsted that the pictures jeopardise the safety of children – and as a result the school has been stripped of its outstanding rating and branded inadequate instead…..

 What is your opinion abut it ? 

If I asked for a photo when  I was leaving my child then I cannot see anything bad about it… But is there a thin line between photos which you ask for and photos that you didn’t know of ? …. 

2 thoughts on “Nursery facing closure over photos to reassure parents ….???!!!

  1. I see nothing wrong with the nursery sending the photos to parents with their permission. I could imagine myself asking my nursery to do this when my son starts in June.. but i do think there is a concern if the nursery starts taking photos of the children on their mobile phones without planning to send it to the parents and w/o consent. In saying that l think that ofstead need to remember that nurseries are a service most working families pay for (unless they qualify for funding) and can cost up to £1000 pm in London!!! Surely when we are paying that much we should have the luxury of asking for a photo for reassurance?

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